An Interview with Meraki Candles

There’s nothing better than settling down to read and having a beautiful aroma envelop you as you do! I’ve been a big fan of Meraki Candles since I first discovered them a few months ago!

So I decided to have a chat with Heather, the creator and founder, and ask her all sorts of questions about her candles and her love of all things bookish!

nifflerYour candles have taken Instagram (and the bookish community) by storm! How long have you been creating them?
I’ve been making candles for roughly 8 months now (since mid-2016). I started experimenting back in April but I didn’t set up my Etsy store until the end of July.

What made you want to start creating your amazing candles, what was your inspiration?
I started making candles when I finished university. After a hectic few years of studying, I finally had the time to read again and as I read more and more my old obsession in YA came back with a vengeance!

It wasn’t long before I was obsessively looking for bookish merchandise, and the thing I wanted most was some literary candles – but there weren’t many shops in the UK and the US shops were too expensive for me. So, I opened my own shop! I figured if I’m looking for a shop like this then surely a lot of other people are too!

Has it been an easy journey, or has there been a lot of trial and error?
There’s definitely been a lot of trial and error! Candle making can be quite tricky and there are a lot of things to be taken into consideration such as temperature and fragrance amounts. But I think that’s what makes it so fun though!

It’s easy to feel like a mad scientist when you’re concocting new scent combinations. I still make mistakes to this day but everything’s a learning experience.

breakfastYour candles not only smell amazing, but they look it too! Where do you come up with your creative ideas?
I take inspiration from a lot of sources. Mostly I find candle names and scents in the books that I read but I often get ideas from my reps too.

However sometimes I create fragrances that I fall in love with so I’ll research what bookish thing it might suit! My main inspirations for scents are characters and locations.

Of all of your many candles, do you have a favourite scent?
I’m a sucker for anything sweet but I love floral scents too. My favourite candle used to be Starfall which is a lovely scent of sweet jasmine, freesia and pine.

However my new favourite candle is definitely Vitya, it has a mouth-watering scent of caramel and chocolate, which I love!

What’s been your favourite part of your adventure so far?
My favourite part is definitely seeing all of the lovely pictures everyone takes of my candles! It’s an amazing feeling when I see how arty people get with photography; I’m definitely envious of everyone’s talents!

Another thing that blows me away is when I get new orders in and I see the locations they are going to. It amazes me that my candles are all over the world!

IMG_1647We know you take inspiration for you candles from books, so what kind of books do you like to read?
Anything fantasy/sci-fi and YA but I also love romance, some historical literature and the classics. Honestly I’ll read just about anything though! I’m definitely trying to broaden my reading horizons.

So we know your favourite scent, but do you have a favourite book, author and character?
Ahh it’s so hard to narrow it down! My favourite book of all time is definitely The Great Gatsby, closely followed by A Court of Mist and Fury.

My favourite authors are probably Leigh Bardugo and Rainbow Rowell, they’re both such funny and down to earth people and I feel so fortunate to have met them at their worlds collide tour!

My favourite character is a hard one, there’s so many! I’ll give you my top 5; Paige (The Bone Season), Rhysand (ACOMAF), Nina (Six of Crows), Lazlo (Strange the Dreamer) and Severus Snape (Harry Potter).

It sounds like you’ve definitely found your footing with candle making! What’s next for you?
I’m always experimenting with new scents; it’s definitely what keeps me sane when things get a bit hectic!

We have no immediate plans for new products but we did just recently make our very first Anime Quarterly box available! I’ve always wanted to venture into anime merch a little more so I’m glad to finally be doing it!

It’s no secret that you have a LOT of fans! Is there anything you’d like to say to them?
Thank you for joining me on this crazy ride!

We’ve got some really exciting things planned this year and some really awesome box themes coming!

You can use code NOVELLOVE25 for a 25% discount off your order (valid from midnight April 1st until the end of April 2017)!

Thank you for reading this interview!

You can find out more about Meraki Candles and buy her amazing products below!
Etsy shop


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  1. What an awesome interview! And thank you again for the coupon code. Must go check out the website now! 😉


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