Meraki Candles {Product Review}

I’ll admit it – I’ve never really been a candle person before, but since graduating university I’ve found that I like to see the flickering flame of a candle and have a gorgeous scent fill my flat! Finding the perfect candle can be difficult, but Meraki Candles makes it really easy!

Meraki Candles makes candles that are inspired by books, especially YA! The bookish scents are amazing and varied and I have enjoyed so many of them! Meraki Candles also run a subscription box service every month and has started a quarterly anime box too. To find out more about Meraki Candles, you can check out my interview with Heather (the founder) by clicking here.

All of Meraki Candles candle products are made with soy wax and fragrance oils and come in glass jars with a lid so you can keep the dust out of your candle when you’re not burning it! This is personally a big deal for me – I like to change my scents up and if I couldn’t protect my candle in between burning sessions it would be a bit of a deal breaker!

The candles always arrive in amazing condition – they are bubble wrapped and placed in a box, which is padded, making it nearly impossible to smash the candles inside. I have one of the roughest postal workers imaginable handle my mail and packages and these have always arrived in great condition!

In the interest of variety I have chosen a few of my Meraki Candle scents to review!

This is one of the newer scents (correct at time of writing) from Meraki Candles, and I’m completely in love with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, so it made sense (please appreciate how difficult it was for me not to pun and write ‘scents’ there!) for me to buy this one!

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them/The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

nifflerColour choice of the wax: At first, the cloudy-day grey seemed like a strange choice, but after thinking about it, black wouldn’t have seemed right (even though the creature itself is very dark) and I honestly can’t think of a more suited colour for this candle now!

Scent: The label says “honey and caramel” and it doesn’t disappoint! Honey is one of my all-time favourite scents and flavours, so regardless of the fandom this candle belonged to I was going to buy it! The scent straight form the jar is a strong honey note with a hint of caramel in the “after smell” and when it burns the honey definitely comes through strong, but the caramel seems to get a little lost – not totally lost, just a little lost. But for me, this is no problem at all!

Throw: Medium. I tend to burn my candles in one of two places – in my office, near my computer about half a meter away from my face, or on the living room table in the middle of my small living room. The candle can be smelt very well no matter where I put it and it has no problem gently filling the room it’s in – it’s not overpowering, but not weak either.

Oh My Stars
This is another one of the newer scents from Meraki Candles, and I’m a huge fan of the Lunar Chronicles and tropical scents and flavours so I was obviously going to buy this!

Fandom: The Lunar Chronicles

IMG_1647Colour choice of the wax: Lilac – a seemingly odd choice given that the scent is a tropical one – but I equated this colour choice with stars and nebulas, which can be all sorts of shades, including purple! No I can’t imagine it any other colour!

Scent: The label says “orange blossom, lemon and pineapple” and that’s definitely true! Sniffing it in the jar I can’t tell which scent is strongest! They are all fighting for dominance and I can’t distinctly pick one scent out of the line-up. It smells like a fruit cup at the poolside! When burning, my nose picks out the pineapple the most (no complaints here – I love pineapple!) and there is definitely notes of orange and lemon floating in the air too!

Throw: Medium. I find this candle too strong to burn in my office (as the candle’s burning place is close to my face) but when it’s in the living room it scents the entire room beautifully! This is definitely one I can let burn for a few hours to fill my living room with a fresh fruity scent!

This was an impulse purchase based on the gorgeous label design and pretty pink colour of the wax! I haven’t read the Grisha trilogy but, as the candle description says, “You don’t need to love the Grisha trilogy to love this candle”! Fandom: The Grisha Trilogy

breakfastColour choice of the wax: Pretty, soft pink. As I’ve not read the trilogy this candle is based on I can’t say how accurate it is to the story – but it definitely rings true to the scents!

Scent: The label says “waffles, strawberry and French vanilla”, but for me something is missing. The smell in the jar is quite like the type of ‘pink chocolate’ you get in pic’n’mix’s (people who regularly eat Candy King sweets will know what I mean!) which is a gorgeous scent, but not quite what the label says. However, when I light the candle, the strawberry and vanilla comes out beautifully.  The only thing my nose can’t find is the waffle scent – but this could just be my own personal nose – perhaps yours can find the waffle that eludes me!

Throw: Soft. This is not a bad thing! I often find that candles with strawberry or vanilla scents can be incredibly overpowering, and this has both, but instead of being overwhelming the scents combine beautifully together and create a gentle perfume that I think is better suited to smaller spaces.

Flourish and Blotts
This is my favourite candle from Meraki Candles (so far!) and so I have saved it for last! I honestly can’t tell you how much I love filling my home with this scent! Fandom: Harry Potter/The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Colour choice of the wax: A gentle, slightly off-white cream colour, just like paper in books!

IMG_1648Scent: The label says “sandalwood vanilla and pumpkin spice” – and it surprised me! I’ll be honest, I was expecting this scent to be all kinds of wrong – I’m not a fan of sandalwood, but as this was a vanilla version I gave it a try. I was also apprehensive about the pumpkin spice, as I didn’t want my home smelling like a Starbucks!  But the scent of this candle is amazing! The jar-scent is mostly of the vanilla enhanced sandalwood, and the after-smell of kitchen spices (like nutmeg) comes immediately after you’ve finished inhaling. When burning, the smells mix together to truly transport you to another place! Instead of smelling like Starbucks, this scent really does seem like it would belong to a bookshop of a magical variety. The scent has integrity (I know that sounds weird, but those who have smelt it will get what I mean) and yet it has a whimsical side too – it really is a magical scent. Comforting and exciting at the same time.

Throw: Strong. This candle is strong – but not overpowering. I can happily burn this candle next to me, or leave it to fill a room up with its delicious scent. The scent is strong, but it doesn’t give me any headaches, or create a ‘choking’ aroma in the air. It’s simply a wonderful, bold scent that really can transport you somewhere else.

Meraki Candles is a perfect example of a small business that makes a big difference. Heather saw a gap in the market (for UK based bookish candles) and filled it. Her business has grown exponentially (and her products ship worldwide) in the last year due to her amazing products and her exceptional customer service. It is clear that she has a love for what she does and the community she produces her products for, and she has a customer for life in me and many others.

If you would like to try Heather’s products (or if you’re already a customer and want to add to your collection) you can use code NOVELLOVE25 in her Etsy shop to get 25% off your order – hurry, this offer is only valid until the end of April 2017!

Let me know which candles you buy! My next orders will include:

Carousel of Roses (I reckon this could give Flourish and Blotts a challenge for my favourite! Champagne and roses! Who could resist?)

Tale as old as Time How could I say no to a Beauty and the Beast inspired candle?

Chaol Hazelnut coffee and books? Sounds like an amazing scent combination!

[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own

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