The Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide!

Can you believe it’s been 20 years? June 26th is the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! To celebrate I’ve put together the Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide!

I, like many of you, have grown up with Harry Potter and it holds a very special place in my heart. I love getting merchandise for my house (Ravenclaw), as well as Wizarding World related products in general. I’ve visited both The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida as well as the Warner Bros Studio Tours in Watford and I just can’t get enough of it.

But I also love how the world of Harry Potter touches and inspires others to create their own products. Therefore, to celebrate the 20th anniversary, I’ve put together the Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide! All items (except the first one) are all available on Etsy and are handmade by fans!

Whether you’re buying a gift for yourself or someone else, there’s bound to be something you’ll love on this list!


The Hogwarts House Editions of Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone would make an amazing addition to any fans library! Each house edition comes with little bits of extra house information, that I wont spoil here,  and are available in hardback!

booksPrice: £14.99 (RRP) for the hardback and £7.99 (RRP) for the paperback
Ships from the UK (although your country’s Amazon or The Book Depository might also be able to help you out here!


For those who love Health & Beauty…

+ These temporary Dark Mark tattoos are the perfect way to show off your Death Eater pride!
dark mark tattoo
Price: £1.85
Ships from Australia (worldwide)


+ Putting on your make-up can be like casting a spell with these wand make-up brushes!
wand makeup brushes
Price: £9.99
Ships from U.K (to select countries)


+ House pride everywhere! Even in the shower thanks to these house inspired soaps!
house soap
Price: £3.50
Ships from U.K (to select countries)


+ Don’t know what your house is? No problem! These Sorting Hat bath bombs (with a charm inside to show off your newly found house pride) can help!
sorting hat bath bomb
Price: £4.50
Ships from U.K (to select countries)


For those who want Hogwarts to be their home…

+ Keep your tables and sides ring free with these detailed Hogwarts coasters! They come as a full set of 6!
house coasters
Price: £18
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


+ Study the tea leaves (even if you’re not drinking tea) and practice for your Divination exam with this Grim teacup and saucer!
grim teacup
Price: £17
Ships from U.K (to select countries)


+ Make treats that could rival Honeydukes with this Harry Potter cookie cutter!
cookie cutter
Price: £3.50
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


+ Polyjuice Potion might not be real, but you can pretend with this flask!
Price: £16.22
Ships from U.S.A (worldwide)


+ Scents can transport you to new places and these candles by Meraki are no exception. There are many scents to choose from and she constantly re-stocks her shop!
meraki candles
Price: £8.95
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


For those who cant get enough art & stationery…

+ Are you constantly forgetting things? Summon your memory with this Accio Brain notepad!
accio brain notebook
Price: £4.50
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


+ Have you run out of ink for your quill? Don’t cast a curse! Instead, write with these curse pencils! (Other spells are also available if you don’t want a visit from the Dementors!)
curse pencils
Price: £10
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


+ Do you love the Niffler? Who doesn’t? It’s so cute! Show your love with these Niffler stickers!
niffler sticker
Price: £1.50
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


+ Want to display proof of your Sorting Hat experience? Now you can, with these great house prints!
sorting hat print
Price: £6.89
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


+ This minimalist Harry Potter poster is a fantastic and subtle way to express your love of the fandom!
minimalist poster
Price: £8
Ships from U.K (worldwide)



For those who love accessorising with their fandom…

+ Are you a proud member of The Order? Now you can show the world with this pin!
order pin
Price: £7
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


+ Are you a Death Eater but still a little cute and friendly? This Dark Mark pin is perfect for you!
dark mark pin
Price: £7
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


+ The Fantastic Beasts in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter help to make it such an amazing place! Hannah Hitchman makes the most amazing pins and I couldn’t pick just one to show you, so here are 4 of my absolute favourites! They will look great on you!
Price: £8
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


+ Anything can be a Portkey, including a badge, mirror, magnet or keyring!
Price: £2
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


+ Do you have favourite characters, places or items in the Wizarding World but can never find them on products? Dena at PoppetsWidgets can make a fully customised piece of jewellery for you! Want just a House specific one? No problem! How about one just about Dobby? Dena’s got you covered! Anything your heart desires can be placed beautifully into a necklace, ring or bracelet for you! Just drop her a message on Etsy!
poppets widgets
Price: From £8.90
Ships from U.S.A (worldwide)

For those who seem to have everything…

+ For an eclectic mix of reality and fantasy, there’s this Van Gough inspired Hogwarts pillow!
vangough pillow
Price: £17
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


+ Whilst it’s not going to be as active as the real Wizard’s Chess, you can use your imagination when you play with this handcrafted replica!
wizards chess
Price: £34.99
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


+ Do you have everything? Everything? Did you get your Hogwarts acceptance letter? How about your Hogwarts Express ticket, your copy of the Marauder’s Map or your Gringotts key? Well fear not! You can get it all (and so much more) here!
Price: £6
Ships from U.K (worldwide)


PLEASE NOTE: All prices and information are correct at the time of posting. Please read item descriptions, price information and shipping information carefully. The prices shown here do not reflect shipping costs as many ship to multiple countries and prices will vary depending on the country and the business. Items may also become unavailable at short notice and may never appear again. That is the nature of handmade items 🙂

I was not sponsored in any way to feature these products. Some product choices have come from personal recommendations from previous purchases and some I have just stumbled across on Etsy and thought you’d like them 🙂


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  1. I want all of these amazing HP goodies!!! So much fabulous merch! (PS Thanks for the shout out!!)


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