My Etsy Shop is now open!

Hello everyone!

I have some really exciting news!

My Etsy shop is now open!

Some of you might know that I’ve been working on designing and making my own magnetic bookmarks for a short while now, and a lot of them are finally ready!

I’ve had quite a lot of problems along the way – mostly to do with printing errors from the printers I used. But I’ve overcome them and now I have several bookmark designs up for sale and they’re live in my shop!

IMG_3522Due to previously mentioned printing problems, a lot of my designs were useless, but some of them were salvageable and now I have a lot of ‘seconds’ bookmarks to sell. If you’re unsure what ‘seconds’ are, they are products that are slightly imperfect but still perform their function. For example, my ‘seconds’ bookmarks may have minor printing or cutting errors, or their magnets may be made from magnetic sheet cut-offs (I hate waste and will use as much of something as I can!) but other than that they are perfectly fine! So if you’re a bargain hunter then ‘seconds’ are for you!

This is a brand new adventure for me and I’m still learning about a lot of different things as I go! My introductory prices are quite low (from what I have seen) because of this. I might find out that my materials need to change, so whilst I’m experimenting I’m offering my products at a low price!

Some of my favourite designs so far are the chocolate frog, the tamago sushi, the prawn tempura and the Hogwarts House inspired ice creams! Hogwarts might be closed for summer break, but you can still beat the heat and show off your house pride!

I have more designs in my shop! What is your favourite design?

I’ll constantly be working on new designs, but for now I hope you enjoy my debut designs over at ANovelLoveGifts!

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