Chatting with Katerina Diamond {Author Interview}

To help celebrate the release of The Angel, the third book in the successful DS Imogen Grey series, I had a chat with author Katerina Diamond about her new book and her journey so far.

The Angel marks the third book in the DS Imogen Grey series to come out. How does it feel to have a successful series?
I am still pinching myself to be honest. I feel so fortunate that people are enjoying the stuff that comes out of my mind! I just hope that I can keep writing them for the foresee-able future.

Did you ever think that the series would take off the way it has?
Not when I was writing the Teacher, in fact when I started writing the Teacher Miles and Grey weren’t even in it. I added them much later on in the process. People seem to have really taken to them, which makes me happy, because I love them. I didn’t know where I was going when I started writing The Teacher, it wasn’t even a crime thriller at first, it just evolved and grew as I realised where my strengths lay.

Katerina Diamon picture (the Angel)Where did you originally get your inspiration from for the start of the series?
I read a newspaper article about a girl in Scandinavia who was sexually assaulted at college, she went to the college authorities and the police but they did nothing. That girl committed suicide. I wanted to write a different ending for that girl, and that’s how Abbey came about. Abbey was the start, and then it all evolved from there.

Are there any characters that you have a soft-spot for in your series?
Both Miles and Grey are my favourites, I couldn’t pick between them – but also Parker from The Teacher, I was very taken with him – so much so that I wouldn’t rule out seeing him again.

Do you have any input into the cover art for your books? Is the imagery symbolic for the stories?
Not really. I usually get shown the image after the decision has been made but so far all my covers have been beautiful so I have no idea what would happen if I raised an objection. I am constantly impressed with them. I think they really stand out and fit the books well. I am always excited when I knew a new cover is coming.

Do you draw inspiration from your own life when writing your characters and plot, or are they all 100% fictional?
I think it would be impossible not to draw on personal life experience when writing, particularly in this genre, so much is based on action and reaction. I have lead a fairly broad and interesting life, I think I have a unique take on many things and I try to put that across.

What does your writing process look like?
I am trying to get more organised but so far it has been completely different for each book. For the book I am writing at the moment, I actually wrote out an outline and a plan, which is a first for me.

Are you currently working on another book? Can we expect more to come in the DS Imogen Grey series?
Definitely, I can’t see an end to it at the moment as I think they both have a lot to learn. It’s not going to be easy for them, but then it wouldn’t be much fun if it was!

For more information on The Angel and Katerina Diamond, click here!

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