Funko Madness! Chatting with Cinda of @booksandpops

Ah Funko Pops…those devilishly collectable figurines for every fandom imaginable. Most of us have at least one (or twenty!) and show no signs of slowing down. But there is one among us who surpasses us all and leaves our collections firmly in the ‘novice’ category.

I’m talking, of course, of the lovely and creatively talented Cinda of @booksandpops!

I had a chat with her about her amazing collection of both books and Funkos, check it out below, as well as treating your eyes to some of her amazing photos!

bap 9You have a huge number of Funkos! When did you start and how long have you been collecting them?
I got my first pop in or around winter 2011 but didn’t really start collecting until 2013. My boyfriend and I liked that Funko related to all our shared pop culture interests and we purchased our favourite characters whenever we had the chance. It sort of snowballed from there!

You also have a lot of books! How long have you been collecting books?
Books are actually my first loves, I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember. Then around two years ago I started seeing really beautiful editions floating around the internet and began actively searching out my favourites.

bap 6Do you have a favourite genre to read?
I mostly read dystopian fiction, mystery/thrillers and YA novels.

How about Funkos? Do you have a favourite type to collect?
I’ve started trying to focus my collecting. So I mainly buy Disney, Star Wars and book related pops now.

Once you’ve started on a Funko series do you have to complete it, or do you just buy the characters you like?
Usually I don’t complete unless the series is pretty new and I have to have them all! For instance the new Snow White set was a must complete for me because she’s my favourite princess! But, because I collect mainly Disney and Star Wars the retired/rare things can be very expensive!

bap 14Do you have a favourite Funko? Or a top 5?
A top five would be much easier! Mine changes pretty frequently but currently it is: Queen Amidala, the Star Wars Celebration Princess Leia, Lotso, the Occamy and a custom of Rhysand I got from Ruthie  (@dustandpages)

Is there an elusive Funko out there that you really want but can’t find?
Goodness yes! Sadly they’ll always be elusive because I won’t spend the money but my top three “if I won the lottery” pops are Clown Makeup Dumbo, Unmasked Boushh Leia and Blue Cheshire Cat.

Your Instagram is gorgeous, where do you get your inspiration from?
Thank you so much! I think, as cheesy as it sounds, I get a lot of my inspiration from books. A beautiful book is often the starting point for my photos and I try to match props to it. I also see hundreds of gorgeous photos every week on Instagram and I think they stay with me too.

bap 15What made you want to start your Instagram account?
I wanted a place where I could share my collections and find people sharing theirs. Instagram was the most accepting and active place for people doing the same sort of thing I wanted to do.

Ok – on to the question people really want to know – HOW ON EARTH DO YOU HAVE SO MANY FUNKOS? Where do you get them all from? Your bank account must hate you!
Chris and I have been collecting for like four years now, so the accumulation wasn’t instant or one giant chunk of money. On average we buy a few pops per month and prepare ourselves for months we know we are going to be spending bigger bucks (mainly during our City’s Comic Expo, SDCC and NYCC). We mainly shop locally but also at places like Hot Topic and EBGames where it’s pretty easy to take advantage of deals.

bap 12But where do you keep them all? Your room must be full to the brim! Do you have any special way of displaying them?
We actually recently just moved so the vast majority of them are in boxes. But we have several display shelves in our spare bedrooms and some are kept in boxes for various reasons. Mostly because they’re seasonal; so for instance we are now putting away our Halloween and horror pops and taking out the beloved set of Christmas pops!

Lastly, you’ve met someone who doesn’t own a single Funko but they want to start a collection – what’s your advice to them?
To only collect what you love and leave the rest behind!


I’d like to give a MASSIVE thanks to Cinda for agreeing to do this interview with me! If amazing and beautiful photos are your thing, you should go and follow her on Instagram – plus she’s a really nice person!

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