You have one true love in this world. Just one…sort of – The One review

So thrillers aren’t usually my thing, but my amazing friend gifted me a copy of The One by John Marrs so I gave it a go! Besides, my friend is pretty much a thriller aficionado so I was more than willing to try this!

The One turned out to be highly addictive and full of twists and turns! I was really surprised by it!

The chapters are quite short, and they alternate between various different characters’ points of view, which made it really easy to ‘dip in and out of’ and it keeps you reading for longer! It’s really deceptive in a good way! It also helps break up the narrative a bit and keeps you guessing if any will overlap!

However, I was a little confused as to who was who for at least the first fifth of the book because the chapters were so short and they chop and change between different characters each time. But I eventually got to grips with it and once I did it was easy-sailing! Plus, most chapters started with a quick sentence or two that reminded you what last happened with them.

“He rose to his feet and returned to the kitchen to find her where he’d left her minutes earlier, lying on her back on the cold, slate floor, the garrotte still embedded in her neck.”

the oneAlso, due to this style of writing, the time seemed quite disjointed. I couldn’t gauge how much time had passed between chapters very well. There were only a couple of times when it was explicitly stated and when it was I was quite surprised that time had jumped as much as it had.

The science in this book is highly unbelievable, but it’s easy to ignore and enjoy the book. But yeah, total bullshit that you can be genetically matched with one person. I mean, what if your ‘one’ died in the fifteenth century? What if they haven’t been born yet? But yeah, you can easily ignore it and go along for the ride.

The flawed characters were really believable and they were all massively unique and engaging –there weren’t any I didn’t want to read about! On top of all that I only saw one of many, many plot twists coming!

“Maybe it’s natures way of balancing us out, We’re close to finding cures for cancer and AIDS, so now nature is trying to keep us under control with love.”

The writing, whilst not spectacular and quite basic, was at least well-paced – but this easily could have been two different books. One could have been all about Christopher and Amy and their whole arc and story and then the rest of the characters and plots could have been in another separate book.

The One is not a hard hitting thriller. Sure, there are a few graphic sentences but it’s quite a quick read and a gentle ‘thrill’. If it was a film, I’d say it’d get the 15 rating. It’s cheesy at times and downright cliché in others, but it’s still a fun read!

“The morning sun outside was beginning to rise. it would be the first in twenty-five years without Kevin beneath it.”

[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.

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