Chatting with the amazing BookBestiesUK (Plus a giveaway!)

There are many protective sleeves out there, but there are none as good as those sold by Louise of BookBestiesUK!

I am an absolutely massive fan of Louise’s work and I’m NO stranger to her shop! So of course I had to interview her!

Check out the interview below and keep reading for information on a giveaway that Louise and I are hosting!

1) How did you start getting into making BookBesties? Where did the idea come from?
I was actually seeing these all over Etsy and Instagram, and as I have many years sewing experience from working in the upholstery industry for the last 17 years! I figured I should probably try to make my own! As I knew that I would be fussy, I knew what type of padding I thought would be best how I wanted it to be lined.

2) Have you kept a version of the very first one you made?
Actually the very first one I did was without any padding it was just all fabric- and it’s currently being used by my step daughter as a sleeping bag for her Funko pops! The ones that followed once I padded them I do still have a few of them and I use them often.

3) Have you had a favourite design you’ve made so far?
I’m a sucker for the Disney designs! So I have to say its between the Sketch Princess that was super popular and the Stained Glass Belle!

4) Do you have an idea of how many you’ve made in total, not just Etsy sales? 
When I take into consideration all prototypes, ones made for friends and sales outside of Etsy and gifts for people I would estimate I’m probably over the 2000 mark!

5) How do you find such amazing fabrics? Is that an exciting part for you? 
Ah fabric shopping is my favourite! 😉 I use so many different stores, online, little fabric shops in my town, I scour Etsy and Ebay- and of course I get certain ones printed myself- I spend a lot of time browsing shops, and what I tend to do is go from trends, if something sells really well I’ll look for another variation- and perhaps buy enough for 4 then it’s not too much of a risk.

6) What’s coming in the future from Book Besties? 
Now that I’m really not too sure of! I have all these plans in my head that I want to at least try to develop, but with a full time job and a family it’s really difficult to find time to actually develop more for the store when I am also receiving orders as I want to keep those prioritised.

The ideas are there- it’s just finding the time to put them into action!

But I will say that with the success of BookbestiesUK– it’s quite probable that I will have to reduce my hours in the office and put more time into my business instead of someone else’s!

7) Is there anything you’d like to say to your customers/fans etc? 
Really I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported my little dream, and that’s what it started out as. I understand that Etsy and other selling platforms are now saturated with this product- but the fact that you choose to purchase from me makes me so happy.

And to all the repeat customers, when I see a name come up on an order that I recognise- it makes me smile- as I know what I am sending met your expectations- so much so that you came back to my store!


I’m super excited to let you know that I’m hosting my very first giveaway in partnership with BookBestiesUK! You could win a Book Bestie of your very own! Head over to my Instagram page to enter! Giveaway ends 30/3/18!

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