A New Adventure! Book Legacy Bookish Subscription Box Product Review

Book subscription boxes are an awesome idea! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting one for the longest time and I finally bit the bullet and ordered one from Book Legacy, a relatively new bookish subscription box service!

Book Legacy is new to the world of bookish subscription boxes, but they have made a promising start! I bought their second ever box, and the first containing a book – and here’s my thoughts!

Initial thoughts:
My box arrived slightly damaged; the paper used to wrap it was torn and one of the corners was bashed in, but I’m blaming this on my postal service as they aren’t exactly known for being gentle! The items were all well protected and nothing inside was damaged. The shredded paper was a nice eco-friendly way to pad out the items inside, which I really appreciated!

The items:
The March theme for the box was ‘Mystery of Magic’, and I think most of the items fell in to this category!

As is the nature of subscription boxes, you’re likely not going to like/have a use for every item in the box (if you do then that’s a super win for you!) so naturally there were some items

I wasn’t overly keen on. The first of these is the unicorn necklace from Sandy Kisses UK. The necklace seems well made, and I’m sure would

have delighted many people, but it’s just not my style. I plan to pass it on to a friend. The wax melt will also be being passed on as I don’t have anything to burn a melt with. There was also a bookmark from Bibliophile Belle’s which just isn’t my aesthetic either.

But there were items I really liked! There was a one-sided bookmark which I think was from Knights And Foes which was very pretty. There was also an ‘I Love Books’ badge which – c’mon, of course I’m going to like! And then there’s the candle! Bookish Burns created an Book Legacy exclusive candle that was titled after the book from the box (which I’ll get to in a moment) and it is gorgeous! I haven’t burnt it yet, but it’s a beautiful purple colour with purple glitter on the top! It also smells like bubble gum, which is an instant win for me!

Book Legacy FavouritesAnd now on to the book! The included book was The Crowns of Croswald by D. E. Night. It’s a YA fantasy book and the amazing thing is that it was signed! It also included a letter from the author and a gorgeous print!

Final thoughts:
This box was not a bad box, but you can tell that Book Legacy is new to the book subscription world, BUT this is an incredibly promising beginning to what I hope is a long adventure for them! I’d recommend this service to my UK readers (as Book Legacy is UK based) – especially if you want to give subscription boxes a go as they are available to buy on a one-off basis!

I’m also interviewed Book Legacy

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