The Back Story of the Love interest – A Guest Post from Author Tracy Corbett

I’m honored to be partnering with Avon books to bring you this guest post on the back story of Barney Hubble, the love interest in the latest book from Tracy Corbett, author of The Summer Theatre by the Sea. So without further ado…


Before I start writing a new story, I like to draft character biographies and explore my characters’ backgrounds and what motivates them. Knowing what’s happened prior to the story starting, helps me to hit the ground running, and enables me to get inside the character’s mind. The male love interest in The Summer Theatre by the Sea is Barney Hubble.

As an only child, Barney grew up being doted on, challenged, and encouraged to be the best he could be…which meant following his very serious and focused parents into medicine. Barney was naturally good at studying, so for the most part he met his parents’ expectations, which allowed them to ignore his other more ‘creative’ desires, such as music and drama. He didn’t earn much from his music gigs, but he did enjoy performing, and singing made him feel alive…unlike when he’d worked on the hospital wards and he’d felt permanently dead.

Having completed his medical foundation training, Barney moved to Cornwall for a gap-year, much to the disappointment of his parents. But they agreed to the break, mostly because they never suspected for one second he wouldn’t return. The year stretched into two…and soon Barney was ingrained in local life, surfing by day, singing by night, happier than he could have imagined. His housemates coerced him into joining the local amateur dramatics group, and despite his initial reluctance, he discovered that it was a great way to make new friends and ingrain himself into the local community. Something he hadn’t even known he’d wanted, and certainly something he’d never experienced while living in London. But his parents were not happy, and constantly urged Barney to return to the real world and choose a medical specialism – and not waste his life ‘dossing’. But Barney was happy drifting along, content to take life as it came, and resisted a return to the endless stress of long days and sleepless nights being a junior doctor.

But the arrival of Charlotte Saunders in Cornwall shakes him out of his comfort zone. The attraction is mutual, but she refuses to view him as anything other than a ‘summer fling’ due to his lack of focus and ‘proper’ career. Her criticism stings, but not enough to prevent him succumbing to her suggestions to get a ‘proper job’. Barney is no slacker. Since moving to Cornwall, he’s kept himself occupied and has taken part in many events, from mic-nights at The Smugglers Inn, to acting in plays at The Corineus Theatre, not to mention working numerous casual jobs, like bar-tending and renting out surfboards. What he’s carefully avoided, is taking on any responsibility. He’s happy to take part, not to be the one in charge. So, it goes against all his principles to takeover when the director of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is taken ill and everyone looks to him to rescue the show…including Charlotte.


This guest post is part of the book blog tour for Tracy’s latest book The Summer Theatre by the Sea. Check out the blurb here:

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