Infinity War levels of character numbers! Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two review

As you might know, I’m a massive fan of the Injustice universe. I really enjoyed the video game and the first volume of the graphic novel was no let down either! So naturally I was going to continue the series!

The second installment was every bit as good as the first and the plot thickens in an immensely impressive way! The plot for the second volume of the Injustice saga has us leave Earth and enter deeper space as we explore galactic politics and tensions with Earth and those on it.Now, as we’re in space for the vast majority of this volume, we have to leave a lot of our Earthbound characters behind for now, and the Green Lantern Corps and the Earth’s Green Lantern are our main focus. To be honest, I was getting ready to roll my eyes pretty hard at this volume because Green lantern is…well…kinda lame. I’ve not been a fan of the comics I’d read with him as the main character and no matter how tasty Ryan Reynolds is, it wasn’t enough to distract from the awful film adaptation! But I will concede – I really enjoyed this volume – Green lantern and all!

The major theme for this volume is that everyone is fallible, and that even the good guys can be corrupted, tricked or just genuinely have their morals in the wrong place – except for Batman of course. For some reason Batman will forever stay as the moral compass in practically every canon DC story. However, good old Bats is out of commission for most of this story, which is not only a likely scenario, it gave other characters to really shine.

There are a lot of characters here (it’s kind of like the Avengers: Infinity War with all the characters, only this time, a lot are new!) yet it doesn’t feel overbearing or that characters are being spread too thin.

You can really tell that Taylor’s writing is getting better in this volume. There are moments that are really profound, and a lot of those belong to Harley Quinn. It was really nice to see Harley as more than just the comic relief (although she’s brilliant at it) and much more than just the Joker’s kind-of girlfriend. There’s a scene with Harley Quinn where she fights Black Canary and it handles characters showing humanity in places you might not have thought they would, or even be capable of doing. The best bit is that moments like this aren’t limited – Superman teams up with Sinestro of all people as he relishes and embraces ruling as a dictator, relying on fear. Although I have to admit, I’m not 100% sold on Diana’s (Wonder Woman’s) allegiance, or her reasoning.

Personally speaking, I really enjoyed and loved seeing Superman fall. I find him incredibly boring as a character. He’s too overpowered, too morally ‘good’, too…apple pie. So seeing him fall from grace and twist into something horrific and dark was incredibly interesting and so refreshing – ignoring my enjoyment via spite, it was just nice to see something different.

It was really great to watch the Insurgency (Bats and his team) stand up to, and often outsmart, Supes at almost every turn. Moral codes become more and more confused and blurred, there’s a lot more death and we get darker with each page turn – and let me tell you, I’m a HUGE fan of dark DC.

Injustice Vol 2 sees some heroes hitting the point of no return. Some will break your heart, and some will leave you hoping that they snuff it next *cough* Damien *cough*. The bottom line for Vol 2 is that simply: no one is safe.

Vol 2 really leaves you wanting more and I’m still super psyched for the next installment. It’s so strange that a comic book that’s based on a fighting video game from the makers of Mortal Kombat is one of my favourite graphic novel series (so far) – but here we are!

So, is this series sounding like your kind of fun time? You can get your own copy here!

[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.


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