Night Light Candle {Product Review}

YES! Another UK candle company!

As some of you might be aware, Meraki Candles ceased trading in January 2018, and it left a big hole to be filled in the UK bookish candle-loving market. Luckily for me, and many others, Night Light Candle jumped right in and has already started filling the hole with amazing scents!

Night Light Candle is run by Jess and her wife Bernice out of Aberystwyth (that’s in Wales for those who don’t know!) and they (just like their candles) are amazing.

Night Light Candle candles and wax products are all hand-poured (which means there’s more love and soul in them!) and are 100% soy based, meaning they give off a clean burn and are all-round just better in every way than other candles (like paraffin) – including a longer burn time and a stronger scent throw. They are better for the environment too – be responsible where you can people!

The candles come in glass jars with lids (I’ve mentioned before how important that is to me!) and they are approximately 7oz! Plus their chunk bars look absolutely amazing! Honestly, I wish they were edible! There are expensive chocolatiers that wish their chocolate was this good-looking!

So, after coming across Night Light Candle purely by accident (we were in the same subscription box once!) I knew I had to try them out! So off I went to their Etsy store! All of the candles arrived in amazing condition and were wrapped incredibly to safeguard against the dreaded postal service!

In the interest of a fair review I’ll be reviewing a variety of scents from Night Light Candle!

Wizards Brew
First thoughts/impressions: Well, can’t go wrong with a bit of Harry Potter can you? If we can’t have Butterbeer then (imagine epic music in the background and me shouting this to an imagined army) with God as my witness! We will have scented candles!!! But seriously, this is an absolute must have for Potterheads.

Night Light Candle wizards brew

Scent: According to Night Light Candle: “Buttered maple syrup – sweet creamy butter blended with rich maple syrup mixed with hints of warm, rich vanilla.”

Do I agree?: Absolutely. Coming from a girl who has drank 3 kinds of Butterbeer (the stuff you get in Universal in Florida, the stuff you get at the Studio Tours in Watford and some surprisingly amazing homemade stuff) I can say that whilst it doesn’t smell exactly like Butterbeer, it does smell like the description says it does. It’s mostly a maple syrup scent but it does remind you of Butterbeer too!

Throw: Strong. Like, leave it burning for 2 hours and you will notice it in every room of your flat! Leave your flat (after blowing the candle out of course) go buy some pop-tarts and come back and the scent knocks you off your feet kind of strong! For some, it might be overpowering for a long burn-time, but I say bring it on!

Sinking Mermaid
First impressions: OMG that label matched with that description is amazing! I miss being by the sea so maybe this will make me feel more like I’m at home. No… I’m not some long lost cousin or descendant from Princess Ariel and made a deal with a sea-witch to come on land and now I miss the sea (I just really wish I was) I just spent a lot of my teen years in a seaside town and miss the salty air!

Night Light Candle sinking mermaids

Scent: According to Night Light Candle: Salty air, sea grass, blue floral, lime, lemon, soft musk.

Do I agree?: Not quite, but I’m glad for it! I’m not sure I’m getting the lemon, lime or sea grass come through (but others might) but for me that makes this candle better. The dominant scent is absolutely salty air, followed by a soft, floral musk – so they hit the nail on the head there. It’s almost like being back home!

Throw: Medium. Like the lips of the tidal waves gently lapping at the sandy shore, the scent is gentle and ebbs and flows throughout the burn. It’s not overpowering and is perfect for relaxing nights or mornings. It’ll be perfect for moody early-autumn when summer is still clinging on to our hearts.

Night Light Candle bumblebee

First impressions: Woo! My scent! Ok – quick admission: I personally requested this scent be made and I’m super happy with it (so for everyone wondering about customs, wonder no more!). I was hoping for a pure honey scent (similar to the Niffler as previously offered by the now closed Meraki Candles) and whilst this one isn’t pure honey, the extra little something really makes it special.

Scent: According to Night Light Candle: Bumblebee is scented in luscious honey which is a dupe scent of a famous high street bath bomb retailer.

Do I agree?: Whilst my guess is that the shop is Lush, I’m not sure which product this is a dupe of, so I’ll base it off of the scent alone. Firstly, luscious honey – check! There’s definitely something else in here – I think it’s orange…maybe? Whatever it is it’s amazing and complements the honey beautifully!

Throw: Medium. This is a scent that would be ruined with a strong throw. The whole point is to be gentle, subtle and soft. I’m really happy that Bumblebee does this as it could easily become too sickly if it was too strong and smell artificial rather than it’s beautiful, natural (dare I say…sweet) self!

First impressions: Hey! This is named after the town I nearly went to uni in! But this is another salty sea one so sign me up!

Night Light Candle aberysthwyth

Scent: According to Night Light Candle: Floral marine, seaweed, green algae, green florals, coastal, salted driftwood.

Do I agree?: Not really, but again, this isn’t a bad thing. To me, this smells exactly like those salt-sprays that people pay stupid amounts of money for to give their hair those “bouncy beach curls” and I love it! I get the salted driftwood and the seaweed from this candle and that’s all I need. Just call me captain of my own little ship because that’s how I feel when I burn this!

Throw: Soft. This gently fills the air with a salty breeze (without the actual breeze) so it’s like being out at sea with nothing around but the ocean for miles and miles. Or, if you crank up your central heating, you can imagine you’re shore-side in some exotic country instead!

Monkey Farts
First impressions: Wait…what? Really? A candle that smells like farts? And monkey farts at that? I’ve been to the zoo; they throw their poo! And poo is kind of like solid farts but worse! Do I want this candle? But wait! Look how colourful this is! Maybe it wont be that bad? Oh well, at the risk of sounding so 2016…#yolo!

Scent: According to Night Light Candle: Monkey Farts is scented in mango, cotton candy, banana, kiwi, coconut, strawberry, grapefruit & bubblegum! A strong, strong mix of rich creamy banana, coconut, mango, cotton candy, strawberries, hints of grapefruit, kiwi and even bubble gum.

Do I agree?: Jesus Christ that is a lot of scents to cram into a candle! But with that being said…it kinda happens! Now, when you first get it, the initial thought is like being in a sweet shop and getting the most variety-filled bag of sweets you’ve ever bought in your life! It’s a little overwhelming. But as it burns, each scent comes out, quite delicately too! It’s amazing because it seems like you should feel like you’ve shoved the entire contents of a cinema pick’n’mix up your nose but instead it’s quite a cute little blend of scents that comes out, and each scent seems to take it in turns to come out. Banana was my favourite, followed by cotton candy – they were easily noticeable!

Throw: Medium. Thank god! I’m not sure I could have handled this in a ‘kick-you-in-the-head’ strength! But instead it’s an nice balance between whimsical and restrained!


So there you have it! All of the candles I bought from Night Light Candle! And I’m super happy to say that they are all absolutely amazing.

I have a feeling that Night Light Candle is going to go on to be a real hard-hitter in the market place and take it by absolute storm! The products are incredible, the prices are really good and the customer service is excellent!

I will 100% be a customer for life! You’ll have to let me know what scents you buy! My next purchases will probably be Campfire, Girl Next Door and one of their brand new upcoming scents!

Are you interested in Night Light Candle? (of course the answer is yes!) Here’s how you can connect with them!

Night Light Candle website and online store 

Night Light Candle Etsy

Night Light Candle Instagram!

[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own

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