Always use protection! – BookBestiesUK Product Review

If you take a stroll through my Instagram page, you’ll notice that a lot of my photos feature book sleeves, particularly book sleeves from the often imitated, but never bettered, BookBestiesUK. There’s a very good reason for this: I’m not a rep, I’m not being sponsored – the simple truth of the matter is that I absolutely love the product.

As I’ve said before in an interview I did with BookBestiesUK – protective book sleeves are a product I never knew I needed until I got one, and now the idea of putting a book unprotected into my bag/suitcase/whatever is unthinkable!

I personally have 23 BookBesties (correct at the time of writing!), and that number doesn’t include all the ones I’ve bought for gifts for others! So let me tell you all of the reasons why I keep buying from BookBestiesUK!

bookbestiesuk care bearsShop Location Ok, honesty time – having BookBestiesUK shipping from my own country of residence is a massive help, there’s no use trying to convince you that it’s not a factor because it would be dishonest of me. However I genuinely believe that if BookBestiesUK were based outside of the UK I would still be buying my book sleeves from her because they are that good!

Size One of the amazing things about BookBestiesUK is that the BookBesties are available in ‘paperback’ and ‘hardback’ sizes. This means that your current read, no matter the size, can be securely looked after – plus there’s usually room for other things in there too! I often slide my phone, headphones, a pen, sticky tabs and sometimes a bar shaped snack into my BookBestie’s, and that’s just the paperback! Of course this depends on how many pages your paperback has, but I’ve put Game of Thrones books in my paperback sized BookBesties and been completely fine!

bookbestiesuk pink disney

Aesthetics Custom orders are accepted by BookBestiesUK (how cool is that?!) but honestly you’ll be spoiled for choice from her existing stock anyway! There are always many different designs available to suit any and every taste! There are even fandom designs! I have so many cute and cool sleeves from stock!

Custom I have had several custom sleeves made, and not only for me! I’ve had custom sleeves made as gifts for bookbestiesuk fnafChristmas and birthday presents! The fact that customs can even be requested is seriously kick ass! My custom fabrics have had bees, Coca-Cola’s Santa and even Five Nights at Freddy’s characters on them! I’ve requested customs by both letting Louise know what I was looking for and she’s come back with amazing fabric choices, and sending Louise a link to some fabric and asking if it’s possible to make a BookBestie out of it.

Price I mean, can you really put a price on knowing that bookbestiesuk foxyour books are going to be kept safe when you go about your day? But in all seriousness, BookBestiesUK has really great prices for both the paperback and hardback sizes of her BookBesties, and a lot of the licenced fabrics BookBesties are made from are only occasionally more expensive, and even then, this is only marginally to cover the cost of the fabric.

Delivery BookBestiesUK is a successful small business, and therefore has a small lead time for orders, but she clearly mentions this in her shop, but once dispatched my sleeves always arrive quickly! As for delivery prices, I couldn’t ask for better! They are incredibly fair!

Customer Support I’ve never had an issue with any of my orders, but whenever I’ve needed a sleeve for a specific date, had any questions or any other need to contact BookBestiesUK, she’s been super-fast and super friendly in all of her responses, not to mention helpful!

Quality I mentioned this in the beginning of my review: BookBestiesUK sleeves are often imitated but are never bested. Now obviously there is nothing stopping other people from making and selling products of any kind – it’s on open marketplace after all, and BookBestiesUK are not the only book sleeve maker (just like I’m not the only magnetic bookmark maker – duh) but BookBestiesUK sell (in my opinion) the best quality sleeves in the UK, and are probably an extremely high contender for globally (although I don’t have any from overseas, so I can’t say for certain).

Please understand –by me saying BookBestiesUK are the best is not me saying that others are crap. I have book sleeves from other UK companies (and a couple European) too, but I only tend to have one from each, where I’ve been a repeat and consistent customer of BookBestiesUK. This is because I find the quality of BookBestiesUK to be superior to anyone else.

BookBestiesUK uses professional padding materials for her products and you can really tell. This is what sets her products apart in the marketplace, as well as her superior stitch work.


So what are you waiting for? Go buy your very own BookBestie – you can visit the shop by clicking here! You won’t regret it!

[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Once Upon a Bookish World says:

    Yes! Couldn’t agree with this more! Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my book sleeves now 😀


    1. A Novel Love says:

      They are just amazing! Do you have a favourite design?


  2. Once Upon a Bookish World says:

    I personally love the designs by Sweetdesigns. I have 3 of them and definetly want more! Love how well made they are and the size is awesome!


    1. A Novel Love says:

      OMG they are SO good!!


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