Set a course, for satire! – Will Save The Galaxy For Food Review

If you asked me what my go-to genre is, ‘space fantasy’ would not be my answer. In fact, it wouldn’t even graze the top 10, but Will Save The Galaxy For Food is a lot of fun and a great space fantasy and satire at the same time.

I ‘read’ this book via audio book format via Audible (get your free trial here!) and, as with Mogworld, Will Save The Galaxy For Food is narrated by Yahtzee Croshaw – the author.

As I’ve said – space fantasy isn’t usually my cup of tea, but Will Save The Galaxy For Food is easily approachable and yet is still super nerdy!

Will Save The Galaxy For Food follows a jaded protagonist, a star pilot during the ‘Golden Age’ of star pilots. Since the invention of quantum tunnelling, star pilots are near obsolete and our protagonist has ended up as a glorified tour guide/chauffeur. One day he is approached to pose as a will save the galaxy for food coverfamous star pilot for a swanky party, but what he doesn’t know is he’s posing as Jacques McKeown – a star pilot who has made a fortune writing books about other people’s experiences and adventures and claiming them as his own. Naturally most star pilots want to kick Jacque McKeown’s his teeth in, so our protagonist must navigate this, and a bunch of other mishaps come his way, leading to a truly epic and unbelievable adventures.

“Originally it had had two settings: Stun and Kill. These had proved inadequate against the ridiculously well-armored skin of monsters from particularly rough planets, so I’d found a way to tinker with the built-in limitations. The dial now had a third setting, labeled with the handwritten words ‘Solve All Immediate Problems.”

Naturally things go from ‘bad-to-worse’ for our character and his entourage and hilarity ensues for the reader as the whole plot follows a ‘space gangster’ kind of vibe. There are parts where you think you know where the story is going – but you don’t! As this is a satirical novel, it has the freedom to go anywhere and do anything and it’s brilliantly done.

The dialogue is great throughout the novel, it reads just like banter and it feels so realistic – I genuinely believe each character would actually speak the way that they do. The banter style is so refreshing and relaxed.

Will Save The Galaxy For Food is a brilliant satire and the wit was biting sharp at time. There is plenty of authentic British cynicism and sarcasm present all the way through! There were several moments where I genuinely laughed out loud. There is a relatively simple mechanism used for will save the galaxy for food audioswear words in Will Save The Galaxy For Food in that – in the futuristic world – mathematical terms have become swearwords, such as ‘ply’ (multiply), ‘trac’ (subtract), div (divide) ect. It was a simple thing, yet helps immerse you in the world completely and actually ends up pretty damn funny!

“Oh, traccy traccy ply ply bracket doints and divs.”

Speaking of being immersed, the world building is actually pretty good throughout – I know that it’s space and we all have a pretty good idea of what that looks like already – but a lot of the plot made sense without needing too much explaining.

The characters were also surprisingly well developed for what is ultimately a satirical novel.

As with Croshaw’s previous narration, I did have to fractionally speed up the narration as it was a little bit too slow for me but Will Save The Galaxy For Food makes for some great light entertainment. I have to admit, as much as I liked Mogworld, I liked this more.

Will Save The Galaxy For Food ‘read’ like a sci-fi series, in that each chapter almost behaved like episodes of a TV show. This is pulp sci-fi at its finest, if you liked Red Dwarf this is definitely going to be for you!

“”Fair warning,” I said. “We may die horribly the moment I turn this handle.” “I beg your pardon?” I turned the handle.”


Does Will Save the Galaxy for You sound like it’s for you? You can get a free trial of Audible here, or you can buy a physical copy here!

[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.

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