Time to clean up and get my geek on! Geeky Clean Products Mini Review

I’ve been following Geeky Clean on Instagram for a while now, and I’ve bought candles from them before – but when I saw one of their latest products – a shark head bath bomb – I high-tailed it straight over to their website and filled my basket with 3 ocean/sea themed bath and beauty products!

Here’s what I thought!

The oasis lip balm
Reason for buying: I took this to be a ‘Ready Player One’ inspired product – and I don’t have a lot of RPO merch! If it’s not a RPO inspired product, I’m taking it to be as it’s called ‘The Oasis’.

Geeky Clean lip balmFirst impressions: I have to admit, the pot is slightly smaller than I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be a shallow but wide pot (like Burt’s Bees pots) but instead it had a smaller diameter than I thought it would have – but it would certainly be great for travel or handbags!

Mini review: This has an amazing tropical scent – although it says that it is ‘flavoured’ but I definitely don’t get any flavour from it – it’s scented for sure, but not flavoured. It doesn’t have an unpleasant flavour – it’s just unflavoured.

It goes on really smooth and it’s not too thick (like Vaseline can be) and it’s got some pretty good staying power! It’s a great little pot for keeping at your desk (like I do) or for on the go!

Kaiju blue sugar scrub
Reason for buying: Winter is coming – and with winter comes cold winds and dry skin! So I wanted something to slough off dead skin, plus I’m an absolute fool for sea-themed things, including my beauty products!

Geeky Clean scrubFirst impressions: This is a great sized tub, I bet it lasts a while! Also, it looks like the top of a cupcake! It’s got a very strong scent too!

Mini review:This has a very strong scent, it really smells like sea mist, but it might hurt your nose if you take too deep of an inhale (kind of like Vapour Rub does if you’ve not got a blocked nose) but once you use a small amount in the shower the scent eases off a bit and it’s like a refreshing sea mist spraying on you!

It’s got a great colour to it! So vivid!

The scrub is very fine and gentle – Geeky Clean say that it’s good for facial use, and it definitely is. It’s not too harsh as it’s very fine. But for me personally, when I buy a sugar scrub I look for coarse, sandpapery stuff that can really get in to all the dead skin, and I’d choose to use something else for my face. But this is definitely good for those who want something lighter that they can use all over their face and body and it does indeed do the job if used regularly!

Bruce the shark bath bomb
Reason for buying: Pfft – are you joking? I don’t even need a reason for this! It’s AMAZING! But if I have to give a legit reason like I did with the other two products in the interest of a fair and even review – I LOVE sharks, I was currently reading Meg by Steve Alten and had just seen The Meg (based on the previously named book) in 4DX at the cinema!

First impressions: This is fucking amazing! It looks absolutely incredible! And it Geeky Clean sharksmells great too! I can’t wait to have a bath!

Mini review: This is absolutely amazing. It’s hand painted and it’s so well done! The detail is simple and yet really good at the same time! They are all hand painted and individual! Mine had a few specks of red on it – which I initially thought was added on by hand afterwards, but as soon as I dropped it into the bath I know where the red had come from. Either way, by design or by accident, it made for a great little detail as sharks do get scarred and damaged in real life!

When I dropped it into the bath it exploded into a white and red foam- just like a shark at hunt on the sea! The scent was subtle but still nice and it was a really peaceful blood bath once everything had settled. Definitely a favourite item and contender for one of the best bath bombs I’ve ever used!

I felt like queen of the sharks!


So all in all, I’m really happy with my purchases! If you want to check out Geeky Clean for yourself, check out their website geekyclean.co.uk

[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.

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