Poppet’s Widgets: Amazing (and custom) bookish jewellery and bookmarks! – Poppet’s Widgets Review

Long-time readers of mine might recognise the name Poppet’s Widgets. That’s because I’ve mentioned them several times throughout my posts – I’ve also been a rep for Poppet’s Widgets too! But for those who don’t know, Poppet’s Widgets is a bookish jewellery shop run by bookstagrammar Dena over at @bookworm_365 and her products are absolutely amazing!

The jewellery pieces contain bookish quotations or characters/words from books, all in a ‘book page’ style! Don’t worry though, no books are harmed in the making of Poppet’s Widgets jewellery!

I have multiple pieces from Poppet’s Widgets, in several formats – necklaces (my fav!), bracelets and even keyrings! I’ve even got custom pieces!

Each and every single piece is amazingly well crafted and so well put together! I absolutely adore every piece I own! But I’ve not written a product review yet! Well, that’s now been rectified!

Necklaces are my favourite items of jewellery in general and that’s why I have a lot of pendants from Poppet’s Widgets. The necklaces come in a wide variety of shapes, from oval, or circle, soft rectangles and even heart shaped! They also come in a variety of colours, including a gold colour, silver or gunmetal colours, which will match the chain they are on.

My personal favourite colours and shapes are silver and gunmetal and I like the circles, soft rectangles and oval shapes best – but I still love the other options! I do however only ask for the pendant in necklaces

Poppet's Widgets necklaces

now – but this is purely a personal choice as I wear my necklace quite high around my neck/throat and Poppet’s Widgets chains are a little long for my own personal taste – but they do come in a couple of chain lengths to allow you to choose the option that is best for you!

I’m personally quite fussy with chains, hence asking for pendant only – I don’t see the point in taking a chain that wouldn’t get used – it’s wasteful and not fair to Dena. But this should not detract you from getting chain! The chains are perfectly good quality – they are just a tad too long for my weird and unusual preferences!

Here are some of my favourite pendants/necklaces from Poppet’s Widgets (not including customs!)

Poppet's Widgets keysA special shout out needs to be given to the library card collection! (These are also available in earrings and bracelets!) These are amazing little pieces of real bookish history as each one is unique and can’t be duplicated! This is because real library cards have been used to make the pieces! I’ve been super lucky to get ones with dates that mean something to me, such as my birthday! You can always contact Dena to see if she can accommodate you if you have a custom date to request – you never know!

Bracelets, rings and earrings:
As previously mentioned, the library card collection is also available in Poppet's Widgets braceletsother jewellery formats, including bracelets and earrings. But the other collections are amazing too!

There are bookish lettering bracelets and earrings, but there are also full colour bookish ones too that depict scenes from classics such as Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz! I have a The Great Gatsby bracelet and I love it so much! Each section of the bracelet has a character or part of the book that is so iconic –it’s like having the whole book on my wrist!

I don’t personally have any rings or earrings as my own personal taste is one simple, sentimental silver band on my finger, and slim silver in my ears. But I know people who have rings and earrings from Poppet’s Widgets and they love them!

Poppet's Widgets bookmarkOMG how incredible are these? I know these look like they might be heavy – but they haven’t damaged any of my books so far! I have a custom made one from The Hunger Games and it is one of my favourite bookish things I own!

There’s also an absolutely perfect ‘AlwaysHarry Potter inspired one! But it doesn’t stop there! There are SO many to choose from – classics, romance, horror – you name it! Literally! You name it, because Poppet’s Widgets takes custom orders! Plus there are various designs to choose from too!

So that’s it! I that hasn’t convinced you to check out Poppet’s Widgets shop I don’t know what will! Honestly, I love her products and I will be a customer for as long as she is selling!

Poppet's Widgets collection

If great bookish products, amazing customer service and something a little special is your kind of thing (or someone you care about – after all, Christmas isn’t far off!) then head on over to Poppet’s Widgets!

You won’t be disappointed!

[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.

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