I’m a rep for Night Light Candle! Read on for a DISCOUNT CODE!


Those of you who follow me on Instagram, will already know this news, but for my readers here: I am the official October rep for Night Light Candle!

Recognise the name? That’s because I recently wrote a glowing (see what I did there) review of their products! I’ve been a customer of Night Light Candle since the near beginning and I’m so excited to be officially repping for them for my favourite month!

I highly recommend that you visit their webstore – they also have an Etsy store – and check out their products – plus you can use code ANOVELLOVE10 for a discount!

Night Light Candle Wax MeltsNight Light Candle offer many different scents in both candles and wax melts. The wax melt chunk bars are so beautiful it’s almost a shame to burn them! Plus, if you’re not sure what scent you’d like, they’ll soon be introducing little pig shaped melts that are perfect sample sizes!

Plus, what October is complete without a Halloween collection! Halloween candles and melts will be coming to stores on October 14th!

Night Light Candle RepTo keep up-to-date on sales, stock days and new scents for Night Light Candle, follow me on Instagram, as I tend to share this info via my stories!

If you buy any of their products (why wouldn’t you?!) let me know which scents you got in the comments section or slide into my DM’s on Instagram!

Remember to use code ANOVELLOVE10 at the checkout for your discount!

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