Sink your teeth into this! – Meg Review

If you’ve been following me for a while, or know anything about me, you’ll know that I love sharks and shark related things (I’ve even created shark bookmarks that will benefit a shark conservation charity!). And one thing that sharks bring with them is terrible and cheesy shark films – and I love them! I’m total trash for them! Naturally, The Meg was no exception and when I found out it was based off of the novel Meg I immediately bought and devoured the book!

Meg is like a crazy, over-the-top B-rated shark movie but in book form. It’s massively un-relatable in almost every way but oh boy is it a lot of fun!

Before I continue, I just want to clarify that I got the extended and revised edition of Meg which also included Meg: Origins. Now I will say that Meg: Origins is not essential reading, you can still fully enjoy Meg without the prequel, but if it’s available to you it’s worth a little read!

meg shark head
I know this isn’t a picture of Meg – but I really like sharks!

I’ve already stated that Meg is a b-movie in book form, and this is because it is! Everything you’d expect from a B-movie is present here! The characters are 1-dimensional, the plot is ridiculous and practically every cheap, cheesy b-movie cliché is used as if it’s going out of style (think misunderstood hero, bad-guys so let there for us to hate and hope they suffer a gory death – and then do – a terrible, implausible monster, it’s all there and more!). Yet despite this – or perhaps because of it – Meg is one of the most enjoyable books I’ve ever read! Honestly, the sheer fun-factor is undeniable.

“The female heard every sound, registered every movement, tasted every trail, and saw every sight, for Carcharodon megalodon does not just move through the sea, the sea moves through the Megalodon.”

Quite unbelievably, Meg isn’t actually an overly trashy book! It’s quite tense at times! You’d think that with a publicity tag line like ‘Jurassic Shark’ that Meg would be cheesy, crap and dumb – but instead it’s actually a really good book!

The writing was really good – surprisingly so! The pacing was great and the plot, for all it’s ridiculousness was on the right side of self-aware and fun to be fully enjoyable! There is a human drama element to Meg but I was less interested in that, but it did help keep the novel away from pure monster story, which could have pushed it into the trashy category.

I find myself feeling for both the humans and the shark through the pages of Meg – which is surprising, because I usually root for the shark!

” ‘Good God, man! That’s more than half the length of the Challenger. A creature that size… we’d need a bigger boat.’ “

Some (but not all) of the science-dump is a bit much at times, and occasionally detracted from the fun. But other times it really did help give me that ‘it could be plausible’ feeling, which is an aspect of the book I thoroughly enjoyed!

Among some well-executed action sequences, Meg was also genuinely funny at times, which was a nice added bonus!

Meg is definitely different to the film adaptation, so don’t dive in head-first hoping for a ‘book of the film’ vibe because you won’t get it. What you will get though, is a great holiday or travel read and a ‘popcorn adventure’ and pulp reading at its finest! So suspend your disbelief, enjoy yourself and take a bite out of the Meg!

I really enjoyed Meg (can you tell?) – it’s like Shark Week in a book! I’ll defiantly be containing the Meg series (oh yes, there’s more of these bad boys!) and I’ll be checking out Alten’s other work!

” ‘This is an upper tooth. As you can see, the tooth has a chevron, or scar, above the root, identifying it as a Megalodon.’ “


Are you ready to take a bite out of Meg? You can buy it here with FREE worldwide delivery!

[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.

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