Time to See into the Past – The Oracle Queen Novella Review

Just like The Young QueensThe Oracle Queen is a great little novella to add extra substance to the Three Dark Crowns series. The Oracle Queen is mentioned quite a lot during Three Dark Crowns and as to the reason why Elsabet lost her mind and why Oracle queens are drowned – we were never told…until now!

The entire novella is centred on Queen Elsabet and her legend, as dark as it is. As usual, we are treated to royal intrigues, betrayals and love affairs. The Oracle Queen offers a deep and thorough backstory and more importantly – the truth – behind why queens born with the sight gift aren’t allowed a chance to rule and mist instead be drowned.

the oracle queen coversPolitics have played a pretty big part in the Dark Series (that’s what I’m calling it now – you can’t stop me) and, as is so often the case, politics are intertwined with deceit and corruption and this is the case 500 years before our beloved Triplet Queens take centre stage.

We are treated to an additional two gifts and a whole heap load more of treachery than we’re used to from the Dark Series and it’s pretty epic. The Oracle Queen is absolutely filled to the brim with secrets, scheming and betrayal. It’s definitely a more political story than a fantasy one – but for a novella it’s not too big of an issue.

the oracle queen stackHowever, if I’m being honest, I’m a little bummed out that Elsabet’s gift doesn’t get a little more action as this is a fantasy story at heart, and if you’ve read The Oracle Queen and know how it ends, it’s surprising that Elsabet’s gift didn’t kick in. It’s slightly frustrating as we never truly get to see the sight gift work o really understand what it’s all about as it was so rarely used. It was pretty much just talked about, which is a shame.

I liked Elsabet as a character, however I didn’t feel connected with her – like I am with Katherine (Katherine is my queen for life. I will NEVER stop rooting for her!). But I feel that if this was a novel and not a novella I could have connected.

The Oracle Queen is a history rich novella that started off a little bit slow but picked up in the second half dramatically.

It’s not essential reading for the Dark Series, but it’s a nice addition and a great way to stay in the world of Fennbirn. It’s a fun and fast read and definitely worthy addition to the core series.


Do you like the sound of this novella? It actually comes in a collection of The Young Queens and The Oracle Queen and you can buy it here!

[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.

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