A Box For Dead Queens – Night Light Candle Sub Box Review

As many of you will know, I am a huge fan of Night Light Candle products! I’ve been a fan pretty much since the beginning and I have adored seeing their business grow! I’ve been a long-time customer and was even an official rep in October 2018!

Night Light Candle have recently started doing subscription boxes and when I saw that the theme for February was A Box For Dead Queens (based on Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte) I knew I had to have it! As if the knowledge of how amazing Night Light Candles are wasn’t enough – just look at the box promotion label! It’s so beautiful!

But anyway – on to the products!

This box contained an 8oz candle, a 4ox candle, an A5 hand-drawn print and a laminated bookmark and cost £12.50 with £4.50 postage (UK), making the total cost £17. I appreciate that the postage cost might seem a little severe, but there’s a lot of packaging (as eco-friendly as possible) used to protect the glass of the candles. Those of you who are UK-based will understand the need for this, as Royal Mail aren’t exactly known for their delicate hands! I’d rather pay a little more for postage and know that even if Royal Mail drop-kick my parcel directly into my door (which I swear that they do anyway) that my candles will survive the impact!

night light candle box for dead queens candles

As briefly mentioned, Night Light Candle use a lot of eco-friendly packaging and because of this the presentation of the box isn’t ‘as pretty’ as I’ve seen other subscription boxes be. BUT I prefer this. Give me simple cardboard boxes with tissue paper and shredded newspaper that are easy to recycle or reuse every time over fancy wrappings and adornments that aren’t recyclable or eco-friendly. Anyone who can’t get over the ‘rustic’ appearance of the box itself needs to re-examine their priorities. After all, it’s thecontents of the box that matter, not the presentation – so, on to the products!

Quadara’s Queens – 8oz candle inspired by Quadara’s four queens. Scented in oranges, lemon, lime and sweet berries. 
The image used for the label for this candle is the same as the box advertising – so naturally I love it! Its old-gold style crowns and jewels! It’s so well suited! It completely contrasts with the pale blue colour of the wax – but together…OMG they look like the colour pallet of the cover of Four Dead Queens! It’s so clever and beautiful! When you first open he candle, you’re treated to a surprise – there are four different crown wax toppers on the candle! It’s the little touched like this that make Night Light Candle something really special in the candle (and bookish candle) small business world!

night light candle box for dead queens candle tops

The scent is absolutely gorgeous! That citrus hits you straight away, but it’s not overpowering – it’s an incredibly sweet citrus smell. The berry undertones come through on the burn and it’s a beautifully pleasant candle for winter becoming spring!

Keralie Corrington – 4oz candle inspired by the main character of Four Dead Queens. Scented in soft peach, apricot, sweet lemon, white florals, vanilla, sensual musk and ylang ylang. 
The label for this candle is much more understated, yet classic. The image is black and white and of a young girl o represent Keralie. The cream wax perfectly complements this too. The candle as a whole is really stylish and subtle yet timeless! There’s another surprise when you open this candle! Under the lid and on top of the candle is a mass of crumbled grey wax. The symbolism isn’t as ‘in your face’ as the previous candle, as I have no idea what this could represent – perhaps ash? I’ll have to read the book and find out! I’m so excited!

As always, this scent is beautiful! I’m not sure about all of the scents listed are noticeable. All I got are the white florals and the vanilla on the undertone. But that was enough, it’s a beautiful and delicate scent!

night light candle box for dead queens unboxed

A5 hand-drawn and painted print featuring the four queens with a cut at their throats, symbolising four dead queens.This is a really delicate near-monochrome print! The subtle (yet striking) red accents are really eye-popping! The attention to detail is really beautiful and helps to give each of the queens a bit of personality! It’s absolutely perfect the way it is, but I’m toying with the idea of personalising my own print. I’m thinking of putting little accents on it that reflect the colour pallet of the cover of Four Dead Queens! I’m not 100% sure yet, as I said, it’s perfect the way it is! The print was supplied by Bea Art UK!

Four Dead Queens inspired laminated bookmark Both of these bookmarks single-sided and are laminated to protect them from water damage and are slightly smaller than ‘average’ sized bookmarks, making them adorable little additions to anyone’s collections!

But was the box worth it? Yes. Yes it was. Absolutley. Even if it was just for the candles! I’ve already ordered another box and I can’t wait for that either -how could I not?! It was the ‘Bookstagram’ Box!


Go head to Night Light Candle’s website and treat yourself to some amazing candles! You’ll love it!


[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.


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