It’s SO Magical! – Fairyloot Finale Box Review

Well, that was breathtaking! The whole thing! From finding out about the box, to trying to make sure I got one (they sold out in about 2 and a half minutes!), the looooong wait, to finally receiving it and just being in total awe at how amazing it was – the whole experience has been incredible!

I did a video review and unboxing over on my YouTube channel the same day I received the Fairyloot Finale box! I couldn’t contain my excitement, so if you’d like to check that out you can do here:

But/and if you wanna see a more coherent (I really was excited throughout the filming!) review of the items in the Fairyloot Finale, you’re in luck because that’s what this is for!

So sit back, relax and keep on reading!

Ok so, on to the box! This box was MASSIVE – I’ve never had a Fairyloot box before, but even I could tell it was HUGE! And that colour!

It is absolutely amazing to know that Stephanie Garber was involved in choosing every single item in the box! It just makes it feel that much more special! And getting treated to a deleted scene on the back of the author letter? *faints* SO happy about it because it was a beautiful scene!

I’ve held the series and the stories within it super close to my heart, and it has now become one of my favourite series of all time! So I had high hopes for this box and boy did it not disappoint!

So now, in no particular order, here are the items from the box and what I thought of them!

Fairyloot Finale book sleeve

Book Sleeve
This book sleeve, like the box itself, is massive! I think it’s A4 in size, and if it’s not, it isn’t far off! It features Dante/Legend on the design, as well as the entrance to Caraval.

It’s not completely rigid, which is a shame because that’s how I like my book sleeves. I get all of mine from BookBestiesUK but I will be using this one to keep my Fairyloot Finale Exclusive book nice and safe! That way I’ll always know where it is! Artwork by @taratjah

Fairyloot finale necklace

Next up is a simple but gorgeous necklace! I adore wearing the metal colours of silver and/or gunmetal, so this was perfect! I’ve heard that there were necklaces for each of the card suits! Getting the heart would have been amazing, but I totally love the one I got. I’m not a fan of overstated jewelry, so this really is perfect for me!

I can’t find who made it in the spoiler card, but it’s a Fairyloot exclusive!

Fairyloot Finale pins

Enamel Pins
I’ve developed a really unhealthy obsession with pins recently! And these will make an excellent addition to my ever-growing collection! How beautiful are these? And how spoiled are we that we got 2 pins! They are both hugely iconic to the series and are amazing! Having the Aracle is such a unique pin to have! The top hat design is from @dustandpages and the Aracle is brought to us by the talents of @_iceydesigns.

Scarlett and Tella Mug
Ya’ll know I’m total trash for mugs! And boy I fell hard for this one! I recently had to do a de-stash of mugs and was feeling a bit heartbroken and this fixed me right up!

It features the two sisters, Tella (my favourite) and Scarlett reaching out for each other – and a great surprise about this mug… it’s navy blue on the inside too! How cool is that?! The art was designed by @sallteas and the lettering (not pictures, but it says ‘Welcome to Caraval’ between the sisters) is by @catarinabookdesigns.

Fairyloot finale playing cards

Playing Cards
Ok, so not quite a Deck of Destiny….but not far off! Look how great these are! The playing cards have a gorgeous back design that matches the American release of Finale and the front feature four of the Fates as our Ace, Jack, King and Queen of each house! We have The Prince of Hearts (who, by the way, has my heart!), The Fallen Star (a total babe but a bit of a psycho!), Mistress Luck and The Poisoner (both of who I wish we’d seen a little bit more of!) and they are all gorgeous! The Fate artwork is done by @lexaarts_ and the back of the cards is designed by @noverantale.

fairyloot finale blanket

The Blanket
Oh…my…god! You guys have NO idea how excited I was an continue to be at this! This is absolutely incredible! The only thing it is more of than incredible is HUGE! Honestly, this thing is ENORMOUS! Seriously, this photo doesn’t even show it all! I couldn’t get it all in frame! But I did manage to get the amazing artwork by @monolimeart in!
This blanket is so soft too! I’m so excited to get all wrapped up and cozy in it too! I’m just so scared of spilling something on it! This is one of my favourite items in the box!

Fairyloot finale lip balm

Lip balm
The description in the spoiler card for this lip balm by @littleheartgifts says “Do you want to experience the Kiss Worth Dying For without the risks that come with it?”….Bitch, no! lol! I know the risks and I still want Jacks’s lips on mine! Lol! Always! It says it’s worth dying for! I want it! Jacks is my bae! But seriously, this lip balm is really great! It says it’s supposed to smell of apples (because obviously!) but I’m not 100% sure on that. Perhaps it’s my weird nose, but whatever it smells like is amazing regardless and holy crap does this moisturise your lips! I’ve got lips worth kissing now! Now I just have to find the Prince of Hearts!

Midnight Maze Candle
Oh wow, this candle is so great! The artwork is absolutely stunning and is by @noverantale and the candle was created by @bookishburns. This candle not only features two of the best characters – Tella and Legend – but is also referencing a great scene from Finale! And the scent is incredible! Flowers, Magic and Spring Rain.

Now usually I give Yankee Candle crap for naming their candles with things that have no scent – like ‘Magic’ in this case – and I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t do it here. So, ladies and gentleman – I’m a hypocrite! LOL! I’ve totally bought into the fantasy and this is great! It does smell like magic! And can we take a moment to mention the glitter in this candle? In both black and blue (Legend and Tella) and absolutely everywhere! I love it!

Fairyloot finale legend figure

Legend Figurine
Well isn’t this unique?! It’s a little collectible Legend figurine! This was designed in collaboration between Fairyloot and @noverantale and it took them months according to the spoiler card! I can certainly appreciate the effort that went into this, and I’m sure it made a lot of people very happy, and it certainly is proof of Fairyloot pushing the boat out and making their boxes incredible, but this didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

I’m quite a fussy person when it comes to paintwork on figures etc – honestly, it takes me ages to pick which Funko Pop! Vinyl I want at times! – and I just didn’t think that this figurine was painted too well. They went to the effort to put his black rose tattoo on his hand it just didn’t work too well for me personally. But I know loads of people will fall in love with it!

Fairyloot finale character art

Character Card Art
Oh my! Look at these! Aren’t they GORGEOUS?! Can I also just say how happy I am that Jacks was included a lot in this box – they could have so easily just done the brothers and sisters couples clique, but they kept my main man Jacks in!

I think all of these character artwork cards are beautiful and they’ve been designed by – even Julian is looking pretty damn fine! Plus the attention to detail on the clothes is great!

Magnetic Bookmarks
Awww! Look at these! These have been designed by @idlestuff and are absolutely adorable! They are perfect little chibi versions of each of the 5 main characters! They look so anime and cute! I wonder if the Caraval series would make a good anime?

And the best part? These are double sided! Look at their cute little bottoms!
These are so well made too! I think they are adorable and I’ll 100% be using them!

Fairyloot finale print

Art Print
Ok, I’m gonna come right out and say that I was super excited for the print for this box – my wall is in desperate need of some Caraval eye candy! However this one by @morgana0anagrom just wasn’t to my personal taste – which is surprising because I usually love their stuff – I even have the Emika Chen art they did! But this one wasn’t for me. But my friend loves it so I’m sending it to her instead! I’ve since been all over Instagram buying all the Caraval fanart prints i can find! I don’t have a problem…

Double Sided Bookmarks
These were a bit of a miss for me, I hate to admit it. The art is by @arz28 and for my own personal taste, the character jawlines etc are a bit too harsh for my own tastes. But that’s just my opinion, not all art is for everyone and this one isn’t for me.

But shout out that Jacks is included! I really appreciate that!

The Book
And now on to the pièce de résistance of this box – the magical Fairyloot exclusive edition of Finale, signed by Stephanie Garber herself!
Gosh…you guys, look at the majesty of this edition!

Where do I even begin? This is stunning! I can’t even!
They said it would be in the same style as the UK edition but a little different – and oh wow! It’s incredible! I naturally have the red UK edition too (and my friend in America is sending me the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition soon!) but this is even more stunning! A dark grey cover, black sprayed top and bottom edges, card suit stenciled edges and the rose gold foiling detail is slaying me! Plus the hidden cover too? *dead*.

So that’s it! Fairyloot – you absolutely knocked this one out of the park and you should be so proud of yourselves! Every single item in this box nailed the spirit of the Caraval series and I am beyond grateful for all your hard work!

My three favourite items (although they are all incredible!) and not including the book, obviously are the mug, the blanket and lip balm!

This box was well worth the money, hype and wait!

Thank you and bravo!


[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.


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