I’m shit at Twitter – so here’s my plan!

Yep. It’s no secret, I’m shit at Twitter. And it’s not from lack of trying. I’ve tried, I really, really have, but I just can’t get a grip on it, and I think I’ve figured out why:

  1. I don’t feel like the effort is worth the reward. Yep. The effort of constant scrolling and checking isn’t worth the titbits of info I might get out of tweets. I’m not saying that what’s on Twitter isn’t worth it – far from it! But I just don’t think it’s worth my constant attention (which I feel is needed to get the most out of it) like Instagram is for me.
  2. My FOMO isn’t strong for Twitter.  Twitter is very much an ‘in and of the minute’ kind of social media platform, and I think it runs on the idea of people’s FOMO (fear of missing out) and I’m too lazy for that to matter to me! I feel like some people are obsessive about updates, and that’s just not how I roll. Plus, any new mind-blowing info from publishers and authors will likely find its way to Instagram 5 seconds after Twitter anyway! And I’m an Insta-girl all the way!
  3. I don’t think I’d be interested in 90% of what people say. And that’s true for whatever I’d have to say too! I think a lot of what is on Twitter is info I can quite happily tootle on in life without. Yes, I know it offers insight into the lives of the people you follow, but I’m not really that interested in anyone’s typical days – I’m busy living my own! In that same vein, I don’t think people would be interested in my own shenanigans either – and I don’t think I’d be interested on doing those updates either.

So yeah – ultimately, I honestly think that I can get 99% of what I want out of Twitter over on Instagram. But the only thing I can’t do (well, I can, but it’s better suited to Twitter) is sharing at-the-time feelings about the books I’m reading.

So I’ve decided to use my Twitter to, yes follow authors and publishers and partake in the occasional retweet or two and to lightly stalk my obsessions – shut up, you do it too! – but the majority of my tweeting activity will be pretty much live-tweeting my thoughts to scenes in books that I’m currently reading.

I will mostly try to keep it spoiler-free, but for much older books I won’t be able to help it!

So the plan will be to live-tweet spoiler-free reactions using gifs and tagging authors and/or publishers.

That’s how I think I’m gonna actually enjoy using Twitter, so that’s what I’m gonna do =]

If that sounds like fun to you, come and follow me on Twitter! If not, I guess this post wasn’t for you!



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