The Hunt Continues! – At Your Door Review

At Your Door is the second book in the DCI Anna Tate series from J P Cater – and I kind of enjoyed the first book – you can see what I thought of it here. So I had high hopes for At Your Door.

So there has only been 2 weeks that have gone by since the going on in In Safe Hands and Anna and her team are already on another gruesome, high-profile case – only this one comes with much more press interest and a whole lot of rumors.

What did I think of the second in the series? Find out below!

Ok, so the story of At Your Door moves between the plot that I mentioned in the intro – the murder of a supermodel – and the search for Anna’s missing daughter that was introduced in the first book. The story spends the page count moving between these two plot lines.

I do have to say that I had a fair bit of difficulty getting into this book. I found the main plot, the murder of model Holly Blake, a bit boring if I’m being truthful. The subplot surrounding the abduction of Anna’s child, which happened in the first book, was the only thig that kept me going.

It was the only part of At Your Door that I felt any suspense for.

The story itself was very repetitive – and not necessarily with references from the first book. There were near constant reminders of things that just happened; things that people said, what a person did, where a person was. It got a bit much.  

At your door spine

But we got a bit more detail about the abduction of Anna’s child in this book, and it gave us a great dramatic ending to At Your Door.

It isn’t essential to read In Safe Hands before At Your Door but I would recommend it so that you understand Anna’s character and motivations a little bit better.

But I have to admit – other than knowing she is a great professional, and has a daughter, who was abducted by her biological father nearly a decade ago, I actually know diddly-squat about DCI Anna Tate – and this is the second book. Her whole personality is: good cop and misses her daughter. That’s quite sad. Hopefully it gets better for future novels.

I will say that the two different stories are full of the twists and turns that you’d expect, so there’s that.

I feel like At Your Door fits into a genre I call “airport thriller”. It’s the kind of book you might pick up at the airport to pass the time on the flight – or at the beach – you know, light thrillers that you don’t have to think about much. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but I’m personally starting to feel like they are all the same, and I don’t really remember them after reading. But this isn’t exactly my go-to genre. If I read thrillers I want a high body count and a highly intelligent, twisty plot.

But if this genre is your sort of thing you’ll be in heaven! Because At Your Door will have everything you’re looking for!


What happens when the past comes back to kill you?

When DCI Anna Tate is called to the gruesome discovery of a dead woman found on Barnes Common, she is plunged into a high‐profile investigation involving a prominent MP. London is baying for blood – but is there more to Holly’s death than at first meets the eye?

Meanwhile, the hunt is on for Anna’s missing daughter Chloe, who vanished ten years ago when her father kidnapped her. The case has been cold for what feels like forever – but a phone call brings a brand-new lead…

Can Anna solve the murder case whilst dealing with her own personal demons? Or is someone from the past planning to get in her way?

An addictive new thriller from J. P. Carter, perfect for fans of Katerina Diamond and M.J. Arlidge.

J P Carter is the pseudonym of a bestselling author who has also written sixteen books under the names Jaime and James Raven. Before becoming a full time writer he spent a career in journalism as a newspaper reporter and television producer. He was for a number of years director of a major UK news division and until recently co-owned a TV production company.  For a while he was also a part-time professional magician. He’s married and divides his time now between homes in Hampshire and Spain.


Who is at your door? You can buy At Your Door here with FREE worldwide delivery!

[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.



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