Are things what they seem? – Fairyloot August Unboxing

It’s Fairyloot time! Yay!

So for the first time ever – I got a ‘normal’ Fairyloot box! The one I got last time was a special collectors edition for Finale!

So this is my first time experiencing Fairyloot how it ‘usually’ is…and I wasn’t disappointed!

The theme for Fairyloot August was ‘Things are not what they seem’ and we were promised items inspired by Stalking Jack The Ripper, The Lunar Chronicles (yay!), An Ember in the Ashes, Lord of the Rings, Mistborn, Graceling and more! Of all those titles, I’m only a fan of The Lunar Chronicles – the others I’ve either not read or don’t particularly like. But nevertheless I was excited to see what Fairyloot had to offer for such an intriguing theme!

As usual, I’ve done a video ‘live-unboxing’ this month’s box, so if you just want to check that out, here you go!

Otherwise, let’s get rolling with what was in the box!

In no particular order – here are the items for the Fairyloot August ‘Things are not what they seem’ box!

Fairyloot August candle

First up, we have a candle! These honestly seem to be staples of subscription boxes now! Practically every company and nearly every box seems to have a candle in them these days. I’m not trying to throw shade – especially as this is only my 3rd ever subscription box (Owlcrate, Fairyloot, Fairyloot) but whenever I see unboxings there always seems to be a candle. Eh, whatever. *shrugs*. I get most of my candles from @nightlightcandle and the scent of this one isn’t really my sort of thing – I find coffee to smell amazing but chocolate usually smells artificial to me. But omg that wax colour is incredible! I loooooove lilac and lavender tones!

The candle is from @flickthewick and the artwork is illustrated by @taratjah

Fairyloot August pouch

The next item is a pouch/make-up bag/pencil case. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure what this is as I couldn’t find it on the spoiler card – which is odd. But it’s based on The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen as it features artwork from the cover. I don’t know who made it, but it’s quite sturdy and springy!

So Fairyloot admitted before the box was released that they would be including a cushion cover with this month’s box – and they’ve never had that item before! The pillowcase is inspired by Ember In The Ashes and it features Elias, Laia and Helene from the series by Sabaa Tahir. I looked that up on the spoiler card because I’ve never read the series! Lol! The lettering is by @kdpletters and the character artwork is by @_saintdri.

I think if it was a series I’d read/was a fan of I’d be in love with this item, but this one isn’t really for me – but it’s great to see a new item in a subscription box!

Fairyloot August mirror

Pocket Mirror
Honestly, this is an item that I have many of already, so unless this was from one of my all-time favourite fandoms, I wasn’t going to be too bothered by it. Unfortunately this item is insired by Lord of the Rings and that’s not my sort of thing. But I will admit that the mirror back itself is beautiful. Fairyloot did an awesome job with this one – LOTR fans will love this.

Fairyloot August cutlery set

Cutlery Set
I think this is one that came from Fairyloot but the log on the box is designed by @taratjah. I love this item! I already have a reusable cutlery set, but I’m gonna replace it with this one because…duh! The Lunar Chronicles! The knife and fork have quotations from the series on them, and the chopsticks have little moons on them! The case is bigger than that one I currently have, so I’m for sure using this instead as it can fit my reusable straws too!

Fairyloot August bookmark

With art by @in.the.reads this Mistborn inspired metal bookmark is beautiful! It’s a gorgeous metallic rose colour with a shiny silver tassel! I pretty much only use magnetic bookmarks (insert shamless self-promotion here) because I don’t like the idea of my place being lost by a bookmark slipping out. So I personally won’t be using this item, but I know someone who will, so I’ll pass it on!

And it sure is a gorgeous item!

Fairyloot August scrunchies

OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ITEM! Like, legitimately, over-excited for this item! There are three hair scrunchies! OMG it’s the 90’s again! My little 90’s heart is so happy! These were designed by @taratjah and are apparently inspired by the Graceling Realm series by Kristin Cashore. I have literally no idea what that is, but the blue one has keys, the green has a dagger and the red has bows and arrows. So I’m seeing The Starless Sea/Finale (Reverie Key), Furyborn and The Hunger Games instead.

I am in love with these! Probably disproportionately! But I don’t care! These are awesome!

Fairyloot August tarot cards

Tarot Cards
So Fairyloot include tarot cards with each box but I don’t collect them, but these Harry Potter inspired ones are so pretty!

The book
The book for this month was The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen. Here’s what Fairyloot have said about it:

“It is set in a world where there are magical castes, and each caste has a different ability. The story follows a girl who draws magic from teeth (yes, TEETH!) who strikes a bargain with a fugitive prince and a wily bodyguard. You’ll be gripped from page one of this unique story!

The edition we’re featuring will be a FairyLoot exclusive! It is SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, has EXCLUSIVE ART on the reverse of the dust jacket and comes with an EXCLUSIVE EMBOSSING underneath the dust jacket on the naked cover.”

The Merciful Crow isn’t a book I’ve heard much about, I’ve not seen it on Instagram much, it’s not popped up on Amazon recommendations for me, I’ve not seen it on Goodreads etc. So this pulled a little sneak on me! I’m not gonna lie, I’m not dying to read this book, but I’m happy I have it. Especially because the naked cover is so pretty yet simple!

And that’s it! I can’t really say if Fairyloot hit the nail on the head with this one as I don’t know/haven’t read many of the fandoms here! LOL! But there are definitely items I can appreciate here, but I will be gifting them to friends. And there are some items that I loved!

My two favourite items are the scrunchies and the cutlery set!

Thank you for a good box Fairyloot!


[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.

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