A neighbour from Hell – The Devil Upstairs Review

The Devil Upstairs is a thriller of sorts like no other that I’ve read so far! The premise is instantly a hook for wanting to know more, as well as pairing it with the title – it makes for quite an interesting prod for attention!

The Devil Upstairs follows our heroine, Cat Thomas, a fraud investigator at the top of her field, who has moved to Edinburgh from Florida. Quick question – why?! OMG! I’d move from Edinburgh (well, I’m the next town over from Edinburgh) to Florida in a heartbeat if I could! Sun, sea and Disney World? Hell yeah! Not that I don’t love Edinburgh, cos I do, but w that’s one hell of a swap!

Anywho, Cat’s new life is pretty idyllic; she likes her job, she gets on with her co-workers, she likes the city she’s in and she likes her new home. Well…except for her upstairs neighbour.

The devil upstairs end pages

Mr Dylan Moyle – or Tur-Moyle as Cat has named him, makes home life a living hell – near literally. He’s so noisy and inconsiderate that Cat even goes to hotels sometimes just to get some sleep.

One day, whilst chatting with Agnes, one of Cat’s co-workers who is a pretty awesome goth, Cat is invited to a get-together of sorts by Agnes and, weary and tired, Cat agrees. It’s got all sorts of spooky vibes about it and they play a game and Cat takes…let’s call it an aptitude test. But with things a little bit spooky and a title like The Devil Upstairs you just know something paranormal is going on!

Cat wakes up the next day and something’s not right…or things have gone way too right. Mr Tur-Moyle…yeah, he’s not a problem anymore. Because he’s dead. Not just any old kind of dead. Really dead. Torn up and into shreds kind of dead.

And then other people start to die….seemingly anyone who has a negative impact on Cat’s life…so Cat’s near literal living hell becomes an all too literal one rapidly.

What follows is a spooky, fun, intense and (at times) gloriously violent story that is a great parable of ‘be careful what you wish for’.

The Devil Upstairs has some great atmosphere to it – knowing Edinburgh as well as I do, let me tell you that the more ghostly side of Edinburgh was definitely captured.

The devil upstairs spine

The whole cast of characters were great – even the irredeemable Tur-Moyle! He was irrevocably terrible, and an asshat, but he was real. And I’ve had some hellish neighbours – believe me! The Boof and I had some incredibly inconsiderate downstairs neighbours at one point. Drugs and loud music at all times of the day and night. All night sometimes. We even fled to my in-law’s to get some sleep on occasion. So I related deeply to Cat and may very well have knowingly done what she did – putting in a request to the Devil himself – and the more violent the resolution the better! Our situation was settled by the asshats eventually getting evicted, but still…all I’m saying is I empathise with Cat. So I retroactively lived my violent fantasies through The Devil Upstairs instead!

The Devil Upstairs was my first book by Anthony O’Neill but it won’t be my last! The plot was excellent, and it kept me guessing!  The twists were surprising but genuine and the details were fantastic.

It was deliciously dark and violent and had a satisfying ending for my dark little heart.


In a quiet corner of Edinburgh, Cat Thomas is going through hell.
She’s tried everything. He respects nothing.

If your neighbour was making your life hell …
Would you call upon the devil?

Cat Thomas, a brilliant fraud investigator, has just relocated from Florida to a dreamy flat in historic Edinburgh. Everything seems perfect. Everything seems serene. Except for the unbelievably noisy wannabe rockstar upstairs.

Soon Cat’s blissful new life is in ruins. Desperate, she’s willing to try anything. When all else fails, she makes an appeal … to Satan.

And suddenly everything is eerily quiet. But her nightmare has only just begun…


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[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.



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