Cover Redesigns! – History Is All You Left Me


So, some of you may remember that I recently (and randomly) decided that I was going to redesign some book covers! I started with These Witches Don’t Burn (which you can check out here) and now I’ve taken on History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera!

I’m not sure where the idea to redesign this cover came from, I just remember thinking…ok, this one is next!

So, as always, here’s a couple of things I want to mention before I show you my work!

I’m redesigning book covers for fun and to stretch my creative muscles!

I am not redesigning them because:

  • I think the originals are inherently bad
  • I want to be a designer
  • I think I can do better
  • Any other negative reason you can think of
  • I’m doing this for fun!

Sometimes I’ll choose covers that aren’t exactly my favourites and I want to re-imagine them. Sometimes I’ll pick covers that I absolutely adore, but want to see what I can do.
Sometimes I’ll pick my favourite books.
Sometimes I’ll pick books I don’t like.
Sometimes I’ll pick books based on a vote over on my Instagram.

What I’m saying is this: There’ll be no rhyme or reason to my book selections!

So…now that all the disclaimers are out of the way, on to History Is All You Left Me.

History Is All You Left Me was a little different for me because I ended up designing 3 covers (which is fine, because I created like, 4 for These Witches Don’t Burn) but I couldn’t pick a definitive favourite to put forward like I could previously. So I ended up putting all 3 on Instagram and Twitter and asking for my followers to vote for their favourite to go head-to-head with the original cover!

Why did I choose this cover?: I felt like the original was simple yet abstract enough that I could play with the idea of that too, as well as using what I know from the story to create my covers.

Did I have an idea going in to it?: Erm…sort of. The two different real versions of the cover that I have seen stick with the same colour scheme, so I wanted to see what I could do with it too, but I knew I wanted to do something totally different as well.

Did I like the book?: I definitely don’t think this was Silvera’s strongest book (that is, of course, the brilliantly sad They Both Die At The End) and it definitely had its issues. I gave it a 3 star and I’m not sure I’d ever re-read it. But it was ok.

Are you happy with it?: Yeah, the three covers I designed I like for different reasons, and I think they would attract different readers. But all in all I’m happy with them.

OK! So here’s the original cover:

History is all you left me UK cover

And here are all three of my versions…

This was the one that ultimately won the vote though! The blue an yellow water one didn’t do too well – which surprised me because I based that one on the story from the book.

History is all you left me vote mine

What do you think? I took to my Instagram to ask people what they thought and here are the results!

History is all you left me vote vs

This was a much closer vote than These Witches Don’t Burn and it was neck and neck pretty much all the way through! I had some people tell me that although they liked my cover, their personal preference was for more ‘cartoony’ covers and not ones that feature real people – which oddly enough I tend to lean towards too!

But all in all, I think this was another success!

I’m going to keep on doing this, because it’s a lot of fun! Keep an eye out for whatever cover I do next!

(By the way – I did an interview with Micaela Alcaino – a real book designer! So go check that out too!)


Do you want to buy History Is All You Left Me? You can do that here with FREE worldwide delivery!

[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored to write this review – all the opinions are honest and my own.


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