Reading is Fundamental – Episode 1

Hello, hello, hello!

What’s more fun than books and reading? Combining books and reading with other enjoyable aspects of your life! So…with that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to a new mini-series that belongs to the ‘Bookish Thoughts’ section of my website and it’s in collaboration with my friend Laura-Joy, who I met at YALC! Check out her Twitter and Instagram

And it starts RIGHT NOW!

Welcome to Reading Is Fundamental! This is where we cross book characters with Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestants in a fantasy fan-cast! Because reading is what? FUNDAMENTAL!

Ok, so we probably aren’t going to be doing much of that kind of reading here, but hey, the pun works!

So here’s how it works! Every now and then, Laura-Joy and I will have a maxi challenge of picking a well-known character or two from a book, or book series, and fan-casting them with the Queens from Ru Pauls Drag Race!

Here are a few quick fire facts and rules for ya’ll:

• Fan-casting
is where you pick someone who you think would be perfect in an acting role if said character was ever to appear on screen. Basically, we’re playing Fan Favourite (sorry Valentina) with this!

We will be separating Queens from their out of drag personas! Why? Well, if we’re casting female parts, some of the Queens have such a strong female signature looks that could fit, and also, aesthetics are different! Plus, personalities are massively different in and out of drag! (and honestly, this also doubles our pool of candidates!)

Full disclosure: we’re likely going to be focusing solely on face, face, face, beauty, face! Some Queens are beautiful on the outside but may be shady or just plain nasty. Or their out of drag personas could be polar opposite for the book characters – so yes, we’re going to be shallow and focus on looks only except in rare circumstances!

All Queens are eligible! Why you all gagging? We bring it to you every time! Yes, ALL queens are eligible, and may even be cast more than once for different characters! We are talking Drag Race, Drag Race UK AND Drag Race Thailand – because, henny, if you haven’t seen Pangina Heals, you haven’t lived!

The Realness! Some queens turned some lewks that could be SO perfect for what we have in mind, SO sometimes we may say for example: Violet Chachki but ONLY in the ‘Death Becomes Her’ runway look.

How did this start? Same way most fun collaborations start. We were talking a bunch of shit in a group chat and decided to act on it!

So, Laura-Joy butting in here. V and I didn’t realise that we both loved books AND Drag Race, how we managed to not discuss it for the past four months is haunting me. But, V casually pops up in our group chat, rewatching RPDR, like:

reading is fundamental scarlett

I IMMEDIATELY freak out. I live for Drag Race. I have loved Ru since I first heard Supermodel (You Better Work) at the tender age of 5. Our friend Brin, humouring our excitement follows up with:

reading is fundamental wayward son

This is my moment. No hesitation, I clap back with:

reading is fundamental pearl

And lo, the idea was born!

Guess who’s back in the house! Yep, V again. So here we go! Welcome to Reading Is Fundamental: Episode 1!

Gentleman, turn those pages and may the best fan-cast WIN!

Simon Snow and Baz from Carry On and Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell.

Here’s some images for inspiration for you (we won’t always have this, so instead we’ll insert fan art where we can and failing that – then a good old fashioned written description).


Queen: Scarlett Envy
Season: 11
Look: Confessional Look Only

Queen: Pearl
Season: 7
Look: Matthew Lent (Out of Drag Persona)

So…what do you think? Is there someone else that you think would be better suited (looks wise) to play either of these two characters – drag queen or otherwise?

Let us know!

Stay tuned for more, and if you have any suggestions for other characters drop a comment below or come let me know over on Instagram!

That’s it for today, now sashay away!


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