A Thriller with 90’s Vibes – The Six Review

The Six is a thriller in the same vein as 90’s slasher movies, so if you like those then you’ll love The Six. It’s a standard thriller, but parts of it fall into the cheesy side of things (and a couple of parts are a bit more like a 90’s slasher than it may like to be – eg, believability) but it’s solid nonetheless.

The Six follows the story of a group of friends, Matt, Alexandra, Chris, Michelle, Stuart and Nicola, who have known each other since school. Matt is our narrator and the majority of the story comes from his POV.

So the group of friends have inevitably grown up and the awful feeling of how much it actually sucks to be an adult is sinking in hard for the group, as they are all in their 30’s. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m not far off, so I empathised with this group and their feelings quite a bit when it came to aging. I was like, ‘same girl, same.’

So, obviously, adulating comes with responsibilities, (marriage, kids, mortgages, all that fun stuff) and in a ‘last-hurrah’ last ditch effort to reclaim and relive some of their youth before the monotony of adulthood settles in, The Six head out to a 90’s themed music festival.

The majority of the weekend goes exactly as you’d want it to, everyone’s having fun, having a good old time, and then shit goes sideways in an extreme way. In an act of self-defence, a member of The Six kills their attacker and the group decide to bury the body in the woods. Instead of calling the police and claiming – truthful! – self-defence. Remember, you have to read The Six eith 90’s slasher film tinted goggles on and ignore some of the story lines.

So, the group do the deed and vow never to speak of it ever again. But a year goes by and one of them is dead…suicide….or murder? Due to someone talking, they are now all in danger.

Getting I Know What You Did Last Summer vibes? Me too, but it’s not too bad.

the six book hold

The writing is pretty good for the most part. There are quite a lot of short, choppy sentences which you will either think help the pace, or hinder it – depending on your own personal preferences. For me I felt like there were a few too many instances of them, but it was OK overall.

The let down for The Six for me was the characters. Honestly, they were quite similar to each other in a lot of ways and there were times where I was double checking who I was reading about. I cared about them, but not too much because there wasn’t an overwhelming distinction between most of them.

I also found the ending to be a bit…lack lustre. I’d go so far as to say meh. But again – 90’s slasher filter tinted glasses people!

I really loved the premise of The Six – after all, I’m a 90’s girl and I grew up with those cheesy slasher flics, so my nostalgia boner was strong. But the more you think about the plot, story, twists and character motivations in The Six, the more holes you can find in it.

So turn your brain off and enjoy, because it’s a good, solid 3 star thriller.


the six cover

The brilliant new novel from the author of the highly acclaimed The Bone Keeper.

Six friends trapped by one dark secret.

It was supposed to be our last weekend away as friends, before marriage and respectability beckoned. But what happened that Saturday changed everything.

In the middle of the night, someone died. The six of us promised each other we would not tell anyone about the body we buried. But now the pact has been broken. And the killing has started again …

Who knows what we did? And what price will we pay?

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