Do you dare? – I Dare You Review

Sam Carrington is a name you may recognise here on my site – I’ve reviewed one of Sam Carrington’s books before – check out my review of The Missing Wife – and I’ve even interviewed Sam!

But I’m here to talk about I Dare You – Sam Carrington’s latest book.

I Dare You does a pretty good job of making you feel smart because it utilises short chapters. Hooray for short chapters! They really help add some punch to the pacing and keep you in that ‘just one more chapter’ frame of mind.

Sam Carrington managed this really well for I Dare You because she peppered in interesting plot-twists in these chapters that made you wanna keep reading.

I Dare You is a slow-burning thriller, which may not be for everyone, and the story switches timelines and perspectives between present day and 1989. The time jumps gave me serious The Chalk Man vibes. Which, I think The Chalk Man did it better, but I Dare You still did a pretty good job of it.

However it took me a little while to eventually get to grips with it. I kinda felt distant from the story at times.

I also felt like the dialogue was a little clunky in places and was quite unrealistic at times. But for the most part it was manageable.

There was some really great characters in I Dare You and the mindset of a small village was depicted brilliantly. The vicious gossiping of a small-minded village was really entertaining.

As usual, I figured out the big twist about halfway through – but that’s just me. I’d recommend this for people who love a good mystery that isn’t glaringly obvious.


Mapledon, 1989
Two little girls were out playing. One dared the other to knock on a neighbour’s front door and run away. But this was a game that had deadly consequences – only one girl returned home that evening.

The ten-year-old told police what she saw: a man, village loner Bill ‘Creepy’ Cawley, dragged her friend into an old red pick-up truck and disappeared.

No body was found, but her testimony sent him to prison for murder.

An open and shut case, the right man behind bars.

A village that could sleep safe once again.
Anna thought she had left Mapledon and her nightmares behind, but a distraught phone call brings her back to face her past.

Thirty years ago, someone lied.

Thirty years ago, the man convicted wasn’t the only guilty party…

And now he’s out, he is looking for revenge. The question is, who will he start with?

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