2019 Bookish Trends Part 1- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

2019 is over (woohoo!) and although I want to run full-on screaming head-first into 2020, there are a few more 2019 wrap-up things that I want to get off my chest and out there in the world! Bookish trends is one of them!

So as one of those is looking back on bookish trends of 2019, let’s call part 1…the…Bookish Trends and the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of 2019! Check out a look at bookish trends part 2: cover designs!

Ok so before I start, if you’re looking for my 2019 wrap-ups, you can find my Best of and Worst of lists here, and I’ve also got a video on the most Disappointing and Surprising reads of 2019!

Now, let’s get into some of the bookish trends for good, bad and ugly of 2019 that I noticed.

Let’s start with the good things – because this list is going to be the shortest because being salty is kinda my thing…

Ok, so the most well-known and biggest news I can think of is HOLY CRAP WE’RE GETTING A HUNGER GAMES PREQUEL! So yeah, we’re getting a Hunger Games prequel in May (probably) of 2020. At first I was balls-to-the-wall excited! I mean, a PREQUEL! We get to see a bit more into earlier Hunger Games and how they came about. Also, if we’re getting the maths right…this should be Mags’s game! MAGS’S! The absolute sweetheart BOSS that we were introduced to in Catching Fire!

But the more I thought about this…the more nervous I became. Prequels can be full of fan-service rather than substance and also, what about the author Suzanne Collins? Hasn’t she been kinda out of the game for a while? Has she still got just as good of a handle on her craft as she did during writing The Hunger Games? I dunno, I’m nervous. I hope they are unfounded nerves…but still…I can’t help it.

But you know what worries me most? Getting absolutley destroyed by the hype train. If this book gets hyped all the way up, can it ever really be as good as you hope? I’m going to try and stay away from this book until it’s due out so that I don’t ever excite myself for it. But also, I gotta say it…that cover and title…yikes.

YALC was a great time (for the most part)…

So 2019 was the first year I went to YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention) and for about 90% of the time it was awesome! I went with Louise from BookBestiesUK and met up with some great people once I was there, I browsed loads of publisher stalls and bought WAY too many books! You can check out my full convention wrap up here!

This was a GREAT year for publishing!

I can’t be bothered to list them all here – it’d take forever and plus…it’s subjective, so I’m not gonna impose books on you! But ya’ll know how good this year was for publishing!

Ok, let’s move on to the bad things…(at least for me!) And let’s start with the overhype of Margaret Atwood

Ya’ll might @ me for this, but it’s how I feel. I was SO SICK of seeing Margaret Atwood EVERYWHERE in 2019. IF I was ever going to care about The Testaments or The Handmaid’s Tale, the over-saturation of these books and their author burried any hope of that. Urgh. I get that a lot of people liked the first book and were excited for a new installment, but jeez. Calm the fuck down. Margaret Atwood was literally everywhere and it did my head in.

Every bookshop window EVERYWHERE had a HUGE The Testaments display, Instagram and Twitter were overrun with it and Margaret Atwood was even on the covers of magazines! Urgh. And ALL the events…EVERYWHERE?! I don’t wanna sound like an absolute hater – I don’t begrudge Margaret Atwood ANY of her success…you make that money girl…but there were other books that came out in 2019 and it’s like this overshadowed everything and I didn’t like it.

Also, it doesn’t help that her books aren’t really my thing either…plus…I just can’t help but feel like she never intended to write The Testaments, but saw how successful the adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale was and saw an easy way to make an easy cheque. Again – you make that money girl, but I can still feel like you did it for the money rather than the love of it because you saw an opportunity.

I could be wrong – I haven’t done any research on this because I don’t care enough to, but it’s how I feel about it all.

The morning of YALC Day 2

Ok, so as much fun as YALC was, there was still a lot of shit that went down. I won’t put too much of it here, but if you check out this video at 15:42 you can get all the spilled tea info!

The Wayward Son Sprayed Edges dissapointment

Ok, so for the release of Rainbow Rowell’s Wayward Son, Waterstones sold a limited number of special editions with sprayed edges that had flowers on them…and it was BEAUTIFUL!

But here’s the shade…for like 99% of the publicity photos, they ONLY showed the side that had the sprayed edges. Yep, that’s right….ONLY ONE SIDE had these sprayed edges! Who does that? Why not make the other two at least a coloured sprayed edge?! If you can’t do the stenciled edges all around, why not spray the other two to colour match? I don’t get it?

It does bother me that for almost all of the publicity phoots (certainly the ones on the Waterstones website!) they only showed the one stencilled edge, making you feel as though all the edges would be stencilled. I know that some places on social media showed the plain edges, but so few people actually saw that! So many people were left a little bit defalted after that.

I’m not demanding all stencilled edges, but it would have been nice for the website who you wer buying it from to actually show you what the item looked like….and not be so dishonest, because let’s face it, that’s what was going on here.

And let’s finish off the Good, Bad & Ugly bit with the UGLY.

There was a fair bit of ugliness this year, there was the whole debacle with Holly Black and the fanart.

There was also a practically unknown author (who I won’t name here because I don’t want to give them any attention) who attacked reviewers for not liking her books. She even said there was an entitled Goodreads mob after her (fucking LOL!) and then she put the ‘controversy’ into her Amazon listing description for her book as a selling point! (Hoenstly, I can’t even make this shit up! LOL!)

And, of course, J.K Rowling said some stupid shit on Twitter…again.

But the ugliest moment for me in the bookish world for 2019 was what I have dubbed the FAIRYLOOT MASSACRE

For those of you who don’t know, Fairyloot is a YA Fantasy subscription box, and it’s pretty popular. Monumentally popular in fact. I do regular unboxings over on my YouTube channel if you want to go and check it out.

But anyway, Fairyloot, due to it’s popularity, sell out of boxes or special items from time to time. Naturally due to their success they are able to procure special and exclusive editions of books from publishers, and are often able to collaborate on exlusive boxes based around a specific book rather than a normal theme. The three that stick out in my mind from this year are the Finale Edition box, the Caraval Deluxe Editions of the series exclusive to Fairyloot and the Queen of Nothing box.

These three stick out to me because, of the two I was interested in (the Finale and Caraval ones), I managed to get my hands on them – so I’m super grateful for that. But the bit that remains with me isn’t that I got the ones I hoped for – it was the disgusting behaviour of some of the people who didn’t get one.

Now don’t get me wrong, disappointment is natural, and I know that it stings – I’ve felt it before, many a time. But that does not excuse the behaviours of a lot of the bookstagram community who didn’t get one.

A lot (not all, that should go without saying, but I’m saying it once here and moving on with it) of people became truly entitled brats about not getting one and went on to have very public tantrums and tirades agaisnt Fairyloot for ‘not supplying enough’ boxes for demand or ‘not letting people without a subscription get an early link’ and a lot of other bullshit excuses for their degenerate and rude behaviour.

If any of those people are reading this (lol if you are) you may need a reminder of the definitions of the words ‘exclusive’ and, most importantly, ‘LIMITED’. Because that’s what those boxes were. It means there’s a finite number available. So yeah, not everyone will get them. It’s kinda what makes it feel so special.

And to those who said ‘what about the people who haven’t got a subscription’…well….tough shit really. Fairyloot is a business, so they do what any good business does. They reward loyal customers. That usually means that current customers with active subscriptions get an early access link and ‘first dibs’ on exclusive or limited stuff. That’s just a great business model. End of story.

Honestly, people’s public beratement of Fairyloot really boiled my piss and I publicly lashed out at the self-entitled little shits who did it. This happened multiple times this year, but those three events I mentioned earlier stick out in my mind the most.

I said it then, and I’ll say it again here, win or lose for now or future editions/limited boxes etc I will always support the team at Fairyloot. They work bloody hard and do not deserve the disrespect and hatred they recieve from some entitled bitches on social media.

Keep doing you, Fairyloot. You’re awesome.


So yeah, that’s it for some things I noticed in the bookish community in 2019. What good, bad or ugly things did you see occur as bookish trends in 2019?

Be sure to check out my bookish trends part 2 article where we look at bookish trends on book cover designs from 2019!


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  1. I totally agree on the “over hype of books”. I was honestly getting SO tired of seeing The Testaments everywhere!!! I MEAN EVERYWHERE. And that wasn’t the only one. The hype surrounding Ninth House and even (dare I say) The Starless Sea. I mean it is too much. I really started to get desensitized by it. It like you see it so much you start not to care about it. It’s like eating too much chocolate (yeah, it’s happened), where you just don’t even want to look at another piece. You’d almost rather have anything else. There is definitely such a thing as over hype. The publishers should really get a clue.


    1. A Novel Love says:

      OMG relatable with the chocolate analogy! But you’re right! I’m really gonna try and stay away from the hyp of the new Hunger Games one! And I try not to take part in TOO much hype – even of my favourite authors sometimes!


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