2019 Bookish Trends Part 2 – Book Covers

So although we’re almost a week in to 2020, and many of us are desperate to leave 2019 behind, there’s still a few more things I want to do in a wrap-up style – like finishing the look back at bookish trends of 2019!

Yesterday I went through the bookish trends with regards to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly that happened in 2019, and you can check that out if you want, but today we’re looking at the bookish trends that we saw on book covers for 2019!

Now a little caveat here, I tend to focus on YA in most of my stuff, like on here or on my YouTube channel, so naturally these bookish trends for book covers will be mostly focused on YA, but you may see another genre popping up every now and then.

Ok, so I thought the easiest way to demonstrate the bookish trends of 2019 for book covers would be to just show you them in collage form because, let’s face it, I’m lazy but it’s also a good way to get the point across.

So let’s get on to the cover trends!

Well, hang on, just before I start, there’s on more little thing – this isn’t a cover design bokoish trend, but it is a trend that I noticed in the bookish community – particularly for 2019. So I’m going to get this in first, then we’ll move on to actual cover designs, I promise!

Graphic Novels became much more mainstream in 2019

Now before you start, don’t @ me saying that ‘graphic novels have always been popular’ or that ‘graphic novels have their own fanbase and are thriving within it’. Yes, obviously, we all know this. But what I noticed in 2019 is that graphic novels seemed to really break out into the mainstream in the bookish community. I started seeing them all over instagram and people were talking about them at YALC and there was a really good selection for the Goodreads awards this year!

I’m personally thrilled because I think that graphic novels deserve more attention in the bookish community in general. There seems to be a bit of a stigma that they ‘don’t count’ as reading…because of the pictures I guess?

But anyway, here are some of the graphic novels from 2019 that seemed to havea high popularity…check some out maybe?

Get these MF Snakes, off these MF covers!

Ok, I jest, people can put whatever they want on their book covers. And I’m not ragging on book cover designers, I’ve had a go at it for fun and I know how hard it is – I’ve also interviewed Micaela Alcaino, a real book cover designer. But I can’t help but notice that there were LOADS of snakes on covers this year, especially in YA.

Don’t believe me? Check it out!

And guess what?! There’s more coming in 2020! Look!

Life is just rosy! Flowers were SUPER popular too!

Yeah, for some reason flowers and plants were really popular in 2019 – again, especially YA. Some were subtle, and some were really prominant. But the thing with these covers, unlike the snakes, is that the title’s didn’t always have flowers/foliage in their titles. So I guess the imagery has something to do with the story? Anyway, check out some of the bouquets below! (PS, I’ve included the Waterstone’s Exclusive of Wayward Son because of the stencilled edges.)

It’s time for a royal rumble!

Wow! We had a lot of books about royals in 2019! Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses…the lot! Usually these were YA fantasy books about power struggles for the throne, but the occasional other genre or plot line showed up! Check out some of the royals below!

Well, those are the biggest bookish trends for cover designs that I noticed in 2019! Did you notice any others? Let me know in the comments section!

Are you looking for my Best and Worst of 2019 piece? You can find that here! I also did a video on the most surprising and disappointing books of 2019.


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  1. One other thing I have noticed a lot of lately is the book title using the formula of “___ of ___ and ____”. I feel like it may have started with Laini Taylor in 2011 with “Daughter of Smoke and Bone”, which is fine as this was the first (or at least the first I can remember) and unique at the time. But then Sara J. Maas jumped on the band wagon in 2015 with A Court of Thorns and Roses, et al. and from there we keep seeing it in the YA fantasy world with Cassandra Clare’s “Queen of Air and Darkness”; Tomi Adeyemi “Children of Blood and Bone” / “Children of Virtue and Vengeance”; “Girls of Paper and Fire” / “Girls of Storm and Shadow” by Natasha Ngan; and NOW with Suzanne Collins not only jumping on the bandwagon for having a snake on the cover but also the title of “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” (REALLY??). It just seems a bit lazy and boring to me.


    1. A Novel Love says:

      Yeah! Wow!!! You’re totally right! It’s not exactly a 2019 thing, but a YA thing in general through the years! But you’re right! It’s SO prevelant! And it DOES seem lazy and boring!


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