My Bookish Goals for 2020

New Year…SAME me, but improved! I have goals, not resolutions, so let me talk about my bookish goals for 2020!

I don’t believe in the ‘New Year, New Me’ hype and all that. Very few people actually succeed in it becasue they put way too much pressure on themselves. Plus, why change who you are? Unless you’re fundamentally a bad person etc, then…yeah…change please – I wish you all the best!

So I tend to set myself goals for a New Year – things I want to achieve – instead of resolutions. So let’s talk about bookish goals!

Now in my ‘life’ life (not my bookish life) I have a load of things I’d like to do to help myself improve, and it’s all the usual stuff; get a bit healthier, learn a language, practice my ukulele more…etc. And whilst these are quite generic (but I still believe in myself!), my bookish goals are much more specific and focussed.

So let’s get to them (in no particular order)!

I’d like to get my YouTube channel up to 500 subscribers!

So for those of you who may not know, I have a YouTube channel which is all about books (naturally). I’m really enjoying doing BookTube and whilst I do it for me and not the views – if I get successful then yay, but I’m primarily doing it for the love of it – it’d still be nice to see a few more faces (figurativley) visiting my channel!

If this is something you’d be interested in then please subscribe to my channel!

I cover all sorts of topics: book hauls and unhauls, reviews, thoughts, unboxings, rants, anything you can think of really! And I also have a load of ideas for 2020 which I hope will excite you as much as they excite me!

Here’s one of my favourite videos I’ve done (at the time of writing!)

I’m aiming to read 140 books this year!

So for those of you who have Goodreads you’ll know that each year they offer you the chance to set a yearly reading goal. 2019 was the first year I really started using Goodreads, I’d always had an account but didn’t do much with it. But 2019 saw that change, and I also set my first ‘real’ reading goal in 2019.

I aimed to read 52 books in 2019. I thought to myself “hey, that averages out to 1 book a week. I can do that.” And turns out…I did! I SMASHED my Goodreads goal! I ended up reading 134 books!

Now, 2019 was a wierd year, but I have this feeling that 2020 is going to be way busier for me, but I still wanted a challenge. So I decided to give myself a challenging goal of 140 books, which is only 6 more than I read in 2019, so I still feel like it’s achievable if I’m dedicated!

Want to follow me on Goodreads? Click here!

I’m hoping to gain 200 followers on this blog!

I realise that I have, at times, neglected my website in favour of other things, like my YouTube channel. And this upset me. I’ve put a lot of money into my website in the past, and I just haven’t done anything to justify it.

So unfortunatley for 2020 I’m cutting out my WordPress plan and not maintaining my Business Plan – 😦 – because it just isn’t cost effective for me – I just can’t afford it anymore. This will take effect in mid-february, so if you’re around here round about that time, please be patient with me as I fix the website and it’s links, as everything I did with the Business Plan will revert to what it was like before, and there’s going to be a lot of work that needs to go into it to fix it. So…please bear with me.

BUT I’m not going to let the sad times win. Although my site will revert to a lower-grade one for plug-ins etc, I’m hoping that the quality and quantity of my posts will increase.

I want to post way more often, even if reviews are a little bit shorter, and I want to bring a bit more variety into my posts. I’m not going to say ‘new posts evert this day and that day’ as I feel like a schedule will be too restrictive and, at times, stressful for me to maintain.

But my goal is to get to 200 followers, and to make content that you enjoy. So if you’re already with me, thank you for your continued support. If you’re new here, I hope you like what you see and follow me on this journey!

I’m hoping to put more work into my Etsy store

Some of you may be aware that I make and sell magnetic bookmarks! Some of you may not! Either way, you know now! Yep, that’s right. I have been making bookmarks for a short while now and it orignally started when I was made redundant and needed something to keep me busy, and give me a little bit of extra money.

But I’ve since gotten a full time job, but people liked my bookmarks and so I kept doing them. I’ve been semi-successful with it, nothing huge, but not too shabby either. It’s nice seeing my bookmarks on Instagram with happy readers!

A novel love Etsy bookish goals

But I’d like to put a little more oomph behind the shop this year and work on new designs and really get some more out there in the world!

I also want to put more of a nidge on my charity bookmarks. That’s right! I do bookmarks for charity! My cat face and dog breeds bookmarks are all sold with 100% of the profits going to the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. The EDCH is a local charity to me that rehomes cats and dogs, and I hope to rescue my very own doggo from there one day!

I also currently (when writing this) sell some fundraising bookmarks and stickers to help get Team Scotland to the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup!

So if any of those causes sound good to you, just click on the links above to be taken to that specific item or to my shop in general here.

I’m hoping to do a lot more for chairty and good causes in the future with my bookmarks!

If you’re in need of a bookmark, I hope you check out my shop!

And finally…my last (and possibly most ambitious) bookish goal of 2020: Become Katniss Everdeen!

Yep. You read that right. I want to become Katniss Everdeen. Yes I know she’s a fictional character…hush. I’m not delusional. I know I can’t actually become a fictional character. But in my new and upcoming video series I want to take cosplaying to the extreme to ‘become’ Katniss.

I love The Hunger Games – as cliche as it sounds, it’s the book series that got me back into reading. When I was little I used to read all the time. Then I became a grumpy, angsty teenager who was ‘too cool for school’ and all that bollocks. Now I’m a grumpy, angsty adult who ADORES reading again, and it’s mostly because of The Hunger Games.

I put off reading the series for so long beccause I (misguidedly) thought of it what a lot of adults seem to think of YA – that it was teenage trash exclusivley for teenagers. Well, I was wrong. I loved this series and it reignited my love for reading.

The hunger games bookish goals

So, in honour of, quite possibly, one of my favourite series and, almost definitley, one of my favourite fictional characters I’m going to do everything I can over the coming year to end up cosplaying her to the fullest.

This will be via all sorts of methods, including going to archery lessons, learning to cook some District 12 inspired foods (and capital foods), buying costumes and pretty much immitating as much of her life as I humanly (and legally and morally) can. As well as reading and re-reading and watching and re-watching the books and films!

I plan to turn this into a video series primarily, but I’ll also supplement it with posts here! So please subscribe to my channel or follow my blog to see what ideas I come up with!


And that’s it for my 2020 bookish goals! What are your thoughts on them? And what are some of yours? Bookish or otherwise! Let me know!



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