It hurts SO good! – A Heart So Fierce and Broken Review

Ok, so you know that feeling when you loved the first book in a series and you’re both SUPER excited for the sequel but you’re also nervous in case it’s not as good? Well, A Heart So Fierce and Broken will give you no reason to worry and every reason to be excited!

A Curse So Dark and Lonely had a pretty neatly wrapped-up ending (kinda) if you only wanna read it on its own (although you shouldn’t – you should want the whole series!) so I wasn’t sure what A Heart So Fierce and Broken could bring to the table, but I am SO happy to report that A Heart So Fierce and Broken is every bit as good as Curse, if not better!

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A Heart So Fierce and Broken took me on one hell of an adventure and it was legit impossible to put down! I used to be so angry with myself when I had to put it down because it was 3am and I had work the enxt day! Needless to say – due to the title – I was an emotional wreck for multiple reasons throughout reading this book!

So, as with Curse, we’ve got two POV’s, but they aren’t Rhen and Harper! We have Grey *drool* and a new character, Lia Mara.

At first, when I saw Lia Mara I was like, new number who dis? I don’t like change! But OMG I was wrong. Lia Mara gives me LIFE!

Lia Mara is the first-born daughter of Karis Luran but isn’t her heir – her sister, Nolla Verin, is. This si because Karis Lauran thinks she’s more fit to rule because she’s more ruthless than Lia Mara. Lia Mara is educated, learns about other cultures, she’s brave and fearless and she’s rational (unlike her sister!) and she wants peace between Shyl Shallow and Emberfall.

Anyway – the meat of the story is that Grey ends up on a journey with Lia Mara, a teenage boy called Tycho, Jake and Noah (yay!) and a new creature, a Scraver called Iisak. So yeah – we’re definitely out of the Beauty and the Beast retelling and much more into its own story! This is in no way a retelling of anything else – but it deals with the aftermath of what happens when a curse is lifted.

A heart so fierce and broken review arc

Obviously there’s a romance in A Heart So Fierce and Broken because…duh, it’s a YA fantasy. But Lia Mara and Grey’s romance (again, obvious) feels much more developed thatn Rhen and Harper’s. But that’s only because Curse is a Beauty and the Beast retelling and we all know how that story ends – it’s a tale as old as time after all. In this one, we have no backstory to go on, so it feels more ‘real’.

Plus I’m a sucker for a slow burn, angst-ridden, enemies-to-lovers type of romance IF it’s done well – and it 100% is here!

Also, all of the secondary characters were outstanding. Everyone feels fleshed out, they are real characters, I understand their hopes, fears, and motivations – all that good stuff! There is SO much character development!

A heart so fierce and broken curse

Actually, whilst we’re talking about that, let’s talk about Rhen. A Heart So Fierce and Broken might piss off some of the hard-core Team Rhen readers out there because….well…Rhen does some really, really fucked up things in the story. I personally believe his actions for his character, but hard-core fans may take umbridge! (But I’m Team Grey!)

A Heart So Fierce and Broken takes us on a real journey and we get to see more places and people and we get a lot more ‘hows’ and whys’ along with perfect pacing!

There’s magic in the book, and whilst it’s an important aspect, it doesn’t take over – which could have been really easy to do in less skilled writers!

A heart so fierce and broken review cover

Heart and Curse are both so different to the rest of the blended-together mush that’s out there in YA fantasy right now and I’m so grateful for it!

I’m so glad that A Heart So Fierce and Broken doesn’t suffer from second book syndrome. That would kill me, but luckily it doesn’t! It’s every bit as good as Curse, but it gives us different things. Curse gave us the characters in the context of the Beauty and the Beast retelling, but Heart gives us places and their people and it’s amazing!  

If I’m being picky (and I mean SUPER picky) perhaps I don’t 100% believe Harper’s reactions to Rhen’s actions – but that’s me being super picky because I don’t believe in a ‘perfect’ book.

All in all, A Heart So Fierce and Broken is brilliant and amazing, but it’s also cruel. It broke my heart. But duh – the clue is in the title!

I can’t stress this enough: I NEED the next book in my life, like, ASAP!

PS. Grey is now one of my favourite character…ever!


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