Bitesize Reviews – Vol. 1

It’s Bitesize time! I’ve decided to do some bitesize reviews because, honestly, I just don’t have the time (or, let’s face it, the energy) to review every, single book I read. So the solution is: Bitesize reviews!

So when I have acollection of 4 books that I’ve read that won’t be getting their own reviews, for whatever reason, they will be getting popped into a bitesize volume! And here’s Volume 1!

All of the books that I mention in my bitesized reviews will, of course, be included in my monthly wrap up videos – if you didn’t know I had a booktube channel, you do now! You can subscribe here if you want! And these 4 books are in my Jnauary wrap up below! But if you can’t watch right now, or just wanna read, scroll down!

The Taking of Annie Thorne by C.J. Tudor – 3.75/5 stars
So…I DID like this….it was just a bit different compared to what I thought I was going to get. I read The Chalk Man by the same author and gave it my ‘Best Fiction’ of 2018 award, so I was psyched to read this.

BUT it’s not QUITE what I thought I was going to get. I stil enjoyed it, but I felt like there was something missing here. The stroy is excellent, but where The Chalk Man was purely people who are the fucked up ones, and it was all based in reality, The Taking of Annie Thorne isn’t. And I just wasn’t expecting it.

We didn’t really get many ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ behind it, so it’s a little lacking.

BUT that’s not to say that the book isn’t great. It is. I was hooked on the story, and the writing is some of the best and most compelling – not to mention realistic for dialogue – that I’ve ever read.

Girls with Sharp Sticks (Girls with Sharp Sticks, #1)

Girls With Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young – 1.5/5 stars
If I hadn’t seen The Stepford Wives (yes I know it’s a book too but I’ve only seen the movie) I’d probably be really impressed with the concept and think this was original. But I have. So I can see this for the absolute derivative rip-off that it is.

Plus, I’m not all about the man-hating. I hate it in books/media. Not ONE redeemable male character. Urgh, why? Oh yeah. Cos ALL men are assholes…got it. *eyeroll*

The story was predictable at EVERY turn and I didn’t really like many of the characters. So it made it a little hard to care.

And OMG was this book repetitive! WE GET IT! Every point about men being bad, the girls being perfect and obedient, the girls loving each other, the fear of therapy etc. WE HEARD IT LIKE, 20 TIMES IN DIFFERENT WAYS! ARGH!

But some of the scenes were powerful, and the writing (when not needlessly repeating itself) was actually pretty good. Hence the extra bit of a star.

But omg there’s going to be MORE of these?! This is the first in a series?! What?! Why?!
How much harder can you kick the dead horse?

Meddling Kids

Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero3.75/5 stars
Ok so for those of you who liked Scooby Doo as a kid, you’ll love this as an adult – especially if you’ve ended up becoming an angsty, moody, cynical and/or wierd adult because this is a Scooby Doo retelling with a bit of bite to it!

I felt like it got a little wierd and a little TOO out there at times – I know that none of this is realistic, obviously, but this went a little TOO far out of the wierd-but-beleivable in the story’s universe.

But this is a LOT of fun! Sarcasm, angst, self-discovery, Gen-Z greatness are ALL up in here!

I really enjoyed this book – but the over-the-top wierdness and the occasional repetative nature stopped it from being a 5 star read for me.

Props to the format though – it isn’t just straight prose, sometimes it shifts like a screenplay. Some will love it, some will hate it, but I enjoyed it!

Into the Pit (Five Nights at Freddy’s: Fazbear Frights #1)

Into the Pit by Scott Cawthon 4/5 stars
Ok – quick disclaimer: I have given this 4 stars because I am ALL about that FNAF lore and I’ve been following it since the games blew up. I don’t think someone new to the franchise would get as much out of it as fans would.

Ok – so yeah, as the disclaimer says – although you COULD read this and understand it without the games, or previous books, I REALLY don’t think you’d get as much out of it as you could.

So, this is the first (of FIVE!!!) installments in the Fazbear Frights series – as I understand, each book will contain 3 short stories surrounding the FNAF world (no, not the god awful FNAF World game, just the world in general) and this was a great start.

I was told: “Readers beware: this collection of terrifying tales is enough to unsettle even the most hardened Five Nights at Freddy’s fans.” Ehhh….no. But then again, I’m not 14. My favourite story in this collection was Into The Pit – the one represented by the cover art. Just…go into it with an open mind. What do I mean by that? Well, the first story involves a time-travelling ball pit…yeah…fun though!


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