Bitesize Reviews – Vol. 2

It’s Bitesize time again! As you may have noticed, I’ve started doing bitesize reviews (check out Volume 1 here!) and you’ll be able to find these in the top menu of the site, under reviews! But let’s get on with Volume 2!

Just like Volume 1, these 4 books were featured in my January reading wrap-up video (subscribe to my YouTube channel here – if you want!)

You can check out my January reading wrap-up video below or just scroll on for Bitesize Volume 2!

The Best Lies

The Best Lies by Sarah Lyu – 1.5/5 stars
*yawn* how predictable. I was SO into the premise of this book – the blurb sounds AMAZING but then I actually read it and…wtf was that? It started out SO good but then it just started repeating HUGE chunks of itself – WORD FOR WORD in some places!

I also feel like I’ve read this before…

But let’s get into other reasons why I didn’t like this – other than its predictability and its repetativeness.

I didn’t like ANY of the characters except Jack, and he spends most of the book fucking dead. He was the only nice character. Remi needs a backbone, her parents are uncaring assholes, her friend’s unsupportive, her brother is a non-character. Elise is a psycho – and a one-dimensional one at that…her band of loyal followers were puppets with no personality.

Honesty- I couldn’t have any sympathy for anyone in this book except for Jack. He’s the only one with any real depth, chracter back story, motivations – he’s the only reason this review is 1.5 star and not 1. The author can clearly write a good character, hence Jack, but perhaps needs more time and practice.

Also, I got kinda sick with this book sucking Kill Bill’s dick. It was referenced SO many times and it was even key to the plot in places…have some originality….jesus.

But damn if that cover isn’t exquisite!

One Day at Horrorland (Goosebumps, #16)

One Day at Horrorland by R. L. Stine – 3/5 stars
I remember reading the Goosebumps books as a kid and loving them – and the TV show? Holy crap that was good! So I, like MANY, many other people, have a soft spot for Goosebumps.

I don’t remember reading this one when I was a kid, so I went into this one pretty blind.

Ya’ll know I love theme park books and this one was great too. Buuuut there was something missing. I think there were too many false flags in this story – even for Goosebumps books and I was getting a liiiitle bit irritated by it in the end.

Awakened (Awakened #1)

Awakened by James S. Murray – 3/5 stars
So… this got me by sheer curiosity alone. I recognise the author from the TV series Impractical Jokers and I was really curious to see what he would write. I know people aren’t just one thing and that someone who made a living pissing around with friends can absolutley write a book. But yeah – I was curious so see what this sci-fi horor would bring to the table.

Ok so first thing – there’s two authors. So I’m thinking that James Murry might not have written too much of it…but I could be wrong because the writing was pretty basic. Like….creative writing class knd of writing. But whatever, it was coherent.

It had a pretty A-B plot going on: new train system, launch party, train doesn’t run smoothly, blood everywhere, send in the authorities, chaos ensues.

Honestly there’s too much politics going on. I just want a blood fest and simple monster story. I got a lot of gore, so that was great! Super chuffed with that for once. But yeah, too much on the political side, but that will be because of the sequel-bait.

I got a bit confused at times, especially towards the end because it got a bit convoluted. We got a lot of not-much-going-on for the most of the book and then everything-all-at-once which was…an experience.

But overall I was more entertianed than not, so winner winner chicken dinner for me, but only a 3 star book.

This Body's Not Big Enough for Both of Us

This Body’s Not Big Enough for Both of Us by Edgar Cantero – 5/5 stars

Originally I had this as a 4 star, but I bumped it up to 5 after some thinking.

Ok – I read Meddling Kids by this author and really liked it – there was something about the cheesy Scooby Doo retelling that just held on to my nostalgic little heart and wouldn’t let go.

But with this book, Cantero has solidified himself as an auto-buy author for me.

This book has everything I love in a book – action, sex, cheese, and a great story under it all.

This is a cheesey, sin-city, noir style detective story that has everyting good about films like Die Hard, like the sharp wit and quips, and mixes it with some Michael Bay (hate him, but you know what I mean by his syle), style filter and throw a fun noir filter over it all and you got yourself one hell of a book!

Plus, A.Z is legit one of the most fun protagonists I’ve ever been on a journey with!

Awesome. Pure, noir, piss-take, fun. Loved it.


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