Caraval Trilogy Deluxe Editions! Fairyloot Unboxing!

Oh my word! It’s here! After months of waiting (no shade, we knew the wait was long!) it’s finally here! The Deluxe Caraval Trilogy set from Fairyloot!

Isn’t it beautiful? So here’s a mini article with a sole purpose of just showing these editions off and me rambling. I also have one gripe/complaint, but hey – what’s new?

Ok, so I want to get the negative out the way with first, rather than end on a sour note. Unfortunatley most of the text is actually a bit of a rant…but the pictures will make up for it! Ok, here goes.

One of my books arrived damaged. Slightly – but damaged nonetheless. Here’s a picture:

and I think that this is a combination of Fairyloot and Hermes’s fault. Here’s why. Fairyloot posted these books ‘as is’ all together in a typical black Fairyloot box, and threw a little purple cumpled paper in as per usual. The problem here is that the books have plenty of room to slide about if a box is mishandled.

Scratch that, WHEN it is mishandled, because Fairyloot use Hermes (at least in the UK). I was dissapointed that these books weren’t put in the usual black book bags that Fairyloot usually use. I think that this could have stopped the type of damage that my books received, and for the money that we spent on these books, I really thought that that was the very least that they could have done.

But the real badguys are, of course, Hermes. For those outside of the UK, Hermes are a courrier service and they don’t have the best reputation for giving a shit about their parcels. For both those inside and outside the UK, this parody video sums it up (at the end) and is HILARIOUS.

Naturally, my box arrived damaged, practically opened in one part, and a puncture wound – which is what led to my damaged book.

But anyway, negativity over – all things considered, my books arrived in pretty good condition. And I’m going to shut up now for the most part and just load up a load of pictures for you to drool over!

Here they are! Aren’t they AMAZING? Those end pages, the hidden covers, the DUST JACKETS! OMG!

My favourite dust jacket is FOR SURE the one featuring my bae Jacks! Steal my heart for sure!

Do you have any favoruites from these? Let me know below!

I’ve also unboxed the Finale Fairyloot box too!


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