Horror in a pure form – The Forever House Review

The Forever House is a pretty good book with a pretty terrible cover. I’d never have picked this up from a shelf based on the cover, but thank god for that blurb! The Forever House is also the first book from Tim Waggoner that I’ve read, and it won’t be the last. Tim Waggoner is a Bram Stoker award winner, so I was pretty excited to get into this. If you know me even a little, tiny bit – you’ll know I’m a horror fiend. I LOVE horror, but I rarely get satisfied with horror in books. But The Forever House has come the closest so far!

So The Forever House stars off with the Eldred family moving into a cul-de-sac in suburban Ohio. And this house just so happens to be the ‘house of blood’ so called after the 4 murders and a suicide that happened within its walls. So who in their right mind would move in? No one normal, right? Well, the Eldred’s aren’t normal. And I’m not talking in an Addams family way – they are far more than creepy and kooky!

They have names like Father Hunger, The Werewife, The Low Prince, Grandother – ya know, the kind of stuff that could be quite childish and fairy-tale like if it wasn’t for their need to feed on dark human emotions.

So the Eldred’s move in, both to their house and on their neighbours. They throw a little garden party to meet the neighbours and draw them in to their house. Once their unsuspecting guests are inside, they are at the mercy of the Eldred’s terrorising whims. They will then be subjected to literal living nightmares so that the Eldred’s can feed.

If they want to get out alive, they have to learn to work together and to face their (many) demons.

For its relatively short page count of 297 pages, there is a lot going on in this book. It’s a pretty original story I have to admit, I’ve not read much like it before! I also think it’d be a great film in the right hands.

The Forever House has quite a few things that I love in a horror book – disgusting characters (I mean, this book has a paedophile in it) that you want to root against, morally grey characters that you aren’t sure whether to root against or not, innocents, inhuman demon/human monsters, the worst of humanity and lots and lots of gore. Sign me up.

The Forever House is graphic, it’s gory and it’s different. It’s nasty and it’s intensely satisfying if this is what you’re after.

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