The Madness Begins – Quarantine Week 1

Well…that’s it – the UK is in lockdown thanks to coronavirus! Well, we have been for the last week anyway!

To stop myself from going mad I’ve decided to try and do a mini bookish video for each day of quarantine! At least, I’m going to TRY for every day! It’ll probably only last for 21 days (the video series, not the pandemic – who knows how long that will end?!) but i’m having fun so far!

So here’s the first week’s worth of videos! I hope you enjoy!

DAY 1: ‘Unboxing’ Fairyloot Favourites!
I kicked off my series with an ‘unboxing’ of my favourite items from past Fairyloot boxes because – due to the virus – we won’t be getting the March box until late April.

DAY 2: A book BREAKDOWN and a make-up MELTDOWN! (The Vanishing Deep)
This was SO much fun to film (if quite frustrating) for me! And I’ve heard that others find it fun to watch! I start losing my mind/temper at the 6 minute mark! In this video I give a short synopsis of The Vanishing Deep by Astrid Scholte, whilst trying to mimic the models make-up on the cover!

DAY 3: Teenage Kicks! 2 YA books and my teenage photos!
I had just finished two teenage focused YA books and I was smelling the teenage spirit! So I decided to embarass myself with my very own teenage photos whilst I give a run down of the two books and what I thought of them!

DAY 4: Finding which colour appears least on my book covers! 
I have gone through my bookshelves (piles) countless times and I’ve never figured out which colour of book cover I have the least of…so I found out! I also figure out just how many I have (or haven’t) read!

DAY 5: ALL the sprayed edges! Sprayed edges for days! 
Yay! Sprayed edges! I decided to show my sprayed edge book collection – sprayed, not stencilled, and figure out how many I’ve read – just like my previous video!

DAY 6: Reimagining YA Characters as PIZZAS!
This was quite possibly the most fun I’ve had with a video! I’ve been CRAVING pizza and it got me thinking about what popular YA characters would be if they were pizzas!…yes…my brain goes to some really unusual places sometimes.

DAY 7: Going through my old bookmark collection!
You may know that I make my own magnetic bookmarks and sell them, but I decided to go through my bookmark collection from days gone by!

So that’s it for Week 1! I have no idea what’s coming next, but I hope you’ll join me along for the ride! If you want to, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel so you won’t miss a thing!

If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in future videos, drop me a comment!


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