Crave: A VERY special unboxing with some bite!

I am SO excited to be able to bring you this very special unboxing! This box was sent to me by Entangled Teen to help promote Crave – the latest book from Tracy Wolff and I am ALL sorts of hype for this!

Let me tell you a little bit more about Crave, Tracy Wolff and why I am just that excited!

YA and vampires…that pairing might just make you roll your eyes a bit because, let’s face it, the recent offerings over the last decade haven’t exactly had much bite to them.

It’s quite frustrating because I really like vampires, but YA just tends to make them a little bit cringe. I want to like YA vampires again, and honestly, if any author is going to reignite my passion for this pairing, it’s going to be Tracy Wolff. Let me tell you why: go to Tracy Wolff’s Goodreads page (go ahead, I’ll be here when you get back) and you will see CONSISTANTLY high ratings for her work.

That’s why I’m really excited to read her latest book Crave.

Crave is a paranormal YA romance with vampires and a twist! It’s been slated as for fans of Stephanie Garber (and you know I am!) and instead of it being all about the hot vampire boy, our focus is on a human female lead instead. She is the hero in his story – not the other way around!

Entangled Teen (and someone I like to call ‘the man behind the curtain’) were both amazing and kind enough to send me a promotional box for Crave, which I have unboxed for your enjoyment (and mine)!

If you want to check out my video unboxing, you can do that here:

But if not, no worries! I’ve got a load of pictures and words for you too!

First of all, here’s what the outside of the box looks like! How beautiful is that? and it continued around and inside the box, both with some beautiful graphics and the authors name! It really looked like something special!

The weight of the box was quite hefty too! This wasn’t gonna be some light-weight box, no ma’am. There was some bulk behind this!

So here is the box…unboxed. Obviously I’m about to go into more detail for you for each of the items, but here’s a quick look at everything together.

And yeah, I arranged it like this (duh) – it wasn’t spring-loaded to do this when I opened it (but wouldn’t that be cool).

You can get a much better look at the inside of the box here too! It’s really something special when the effort has been taken to decorate the inside of a box too!

OK, so let’s get into the items! I’ve grouped these together in a way that I think makes sense…you’ll see what I mean!

So the first few things I was met with was a letter from Grace, the main character of Crave, letting us know a little bit more about the book and what to expect!

This was a really nice touch as well, especially as it’s displayed as ‘in-world’ whilst still breaking the fourth wall! There’s also a little notepad, which I fully intend to use at work, as well as using to jot down my thoughts about Crave.

There were also some temporary tattoos (of which I love the ‘bite me’ one!) and a bookmark and a promotional postcode.

I have to say, the stylisation of the font for the letter V is pretty cool…I might just have to steal that!

Can we also just take a moment to appreciate the little details, like the red shredded paper to match the colour theme….and also kind look like blood spatter?

Now on to my favourite ‘group’ of items in the box!

There was some hot cocoa, a slab of chocolate caramel marshmallow and an amazing travel mug! I haven’t tried the hot cocoa yet, but I’ll be for sure putting it in my travel mug when I do! I have eaten a bit of the marshmallow and I can’t quite taste any of the extra flavour but the texture was nice and the marshmallow base flavour was there!

I know, I know, I was supposed to enjoy it all together whilst reading the book…but I couldn’t help myself. I had to “take a bite” (I know, I couldn’t help myself there either)!

The travel mug is by far my favourite item in the box – apart from the book of course! And that’s not only because it’s an absolute unit – seriously, it’s HUGE. But it also has “bite me” written on the side of it! I love it!

Seriously, look at it!

And now on to the book itself!

The box also included an arc copy of Crave for me to sink my teeth into and I really can’t wait to get to it! I’m so desperate to love vampires and YA again and I have really high hopes and good feelings about Crave.

And that’s the box! How amazing was that? I hope this trend of ‘care packages’ for lead titles is something that becomes an actual thing in the publishing world. It really does make everything seem so much more special! It also backs up the belief in the title from the publishers point of view!

Once again, I’d really like to thank Entangled Teen and my ‘man behind the curtain’ for including me in this promotional activity for Crave! I really can’t wait to take a bite!

Crave comes out on April 7th and you can get it at all good bookstores! Stay tuned for my review, coming soon!


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