Cover Redesigns – The Great Gatsby

This was the most intimidating cover redesign I’ve ever done – or probably ever will do. That’s because The Great Gatsby is one of my all time favourite books and I already think that the cover is pretty amazing. It’s iconic for a reason! I mean, there have been loads of reprints and multiple covers of this book, and yet ‘the blue one’ is the one we all think of.

How could I better a classic? Well, I gave it a damn good try!

As usual, this cover was suggested to me by a friend after asking for some suggestions on my instagram stories. And, just like last time a friend challenged me, am not one to back down easily! Even if I was bricking myself!

So, despite having no idea what I was going to do, I did know 2 things going into this: 1 – I was not going to include the glasses, eyes, the green light or the car at all. I might elude to them at some point, but I wouldn’t outright use that imagery. 2 – I didn’t want to use photos of people in 1920’s get-up. It’s been done, and I’m not a fan.

So after some light banging of my head against the desk, I had a lightbulb moment. Or a concussion, but whatever it was, it led me to my idea! I was going to do a minimalist design!

I’ve seen loads of minimalist movie posters and I love them and thought I’d give that a go for The Great Gatsby.

Why did I choose this cover?: The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books, and the idea of recreating a cover as iconic as this was incredibly intimidating. So doing something that scared me seemed like fun.
Did I have an idea going in to it?: Eh, sort of. Not at first, but eventually I thought of the minimalist thing and ran with it.
Did I like the book?: Yes! Its one of my all time favourites!
Are you happy with it?: Actually, yeah. Im super proud of it.

So, here’s the original:

The Great Gatsby eBook by F. Scott Fitzgerald

And here’s my little shot in the dark!

I decided to keep the same colours of the original covers, the blue, red and yellow and go as minimalist as possible.

I feel like the martini glass represents the 1920’s as a whole, the bow tie is representative of Gatsby, and instead of a yellow car, it’s a yellow tie. And the blood splatter for a tiny hint at what happens later in the story.

But what did my followers think about it?

Wow. Did I actually get a concussion? Holy crap! I cannot believe how many people not only liked my design, but preferred it to the original! I’m a little shook I’m not going to lie!

It makes me feel really good for whatever I’m going to do next!

(By the way – I did an interview with Micaela Alcaino – a real book designer! So go check that out too!)


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