Once bitten, never shy! – Crave Review

Phew! Oh boy imma need a hot minute to calm down after reading this one. I legit wish I was wearing a heart rate monitor whilst reading Crave! Damn it was fun and sexy!

Before I get started, I was lucky enough to receive Crave as part of a promotional box from Entangled Teen – so if you might like my unboxing article too! I’ve also done this review as a video too, so if you wanna watch instead of read you can too!

Ok, let me get into the review. I will be 100% honest – going into this I didn’t expect to like Crave as much as I did. Vampires aren’t usually my thing unless they are pretty adult. And YA vampires? Well, the last few entries into the publishing world (and film world) have left me cringing. So I was a bit apprehensive going into Crave. The only thing that gave me hope that this time would be different was the author’s Goodreads reviews.

I checked her out and she has consistently high reviews across all of her novels, so if anyone was going to reignite a YA spark for vampires, Tracy Wolff seemed like the perfect person.

And I was right! Crave was amazing and WAY better than I thought it would be! WAY better! I can’t even quite comprehend it! I completely gave in to Crave – all my cynicism just melted away and I let myself enjoy it!

Now Crave isn’t perfect. Ya’ll know that I don’t believe in perfect books, but some come damn close. Crave was one of them! But for all the fun I had I’m willing to overlook the negatives that I have with it and give it a 5 star review! I finished Crave about a month ago and I am still reeling.

Ok, so let me get the negative out the way real quick so I can end on the positive that Crave deserves.

Ok, honestly, Crave is a little A-B in plot. A plain human girl (although she is described as having big boobs – so yay for that!) is absolutely irresistible to a vampire, and not just any vampire mind you – the hottest, sexiest, moodiest, broodiest, baddest mofo around.

Naturally we know they’ll end up together, but the ‘will-they-won’t-they, I want you, no wait, get out for your own safety’ back and forth went on one too many times for me. And I do genuinely mean one too many. I think there was almost the right amount of this for believability.

This is paranormal YA so naturally there was insta love. At first I was like, ‘okay, vampire allure’ is the reason for this – that undeniable pull that vampires seem to have. But it turned out to be actual love. I mean, it is kinda explained in the end, and it is a good reason, I just wish we (as readers) had it earlier on rather than practically the last chapter, then I could have relaxed a bit more.

Whilst the writing was good, there was a fair amount of repetition at times, with metaphors, similes, descriptions etc. When they are unique or unusual enough, you tend to notice when they get re-used. And whilst we’re talking about the writing, the chapter titles were a bit cringe at times. But I’m being picky.

My final negative point was about the lack of clarity at times. I know it was for the characters sake, and that we as readers were supposed to be along for the ride with them, but I wish the readers weren’t left quite so much in the dark with what was going on.

Ok, now on to the many pros which I don’t even think I’ll manage to do justice to, despite trying my best!

So I already touched on earlier, the writing is truly amazing for several reasons!

Let’s start with the short, choppy chapters that both make you feel smart for getting through so many, but they hook you right in and leave you desperate for more! Obviously short chapters in themselves don’t make for a snappy read, that comes from the talent of the writer, but they are masterfully constructed in Crave.

Crave is also a super easy read because of the way Tracy Wolff has constructed it. Her talent is truly incredible when it comes to making a 500+ page book just fly by! It’s amazing. I never felt bored or the urge to skim lines or pages!

Here’s another plus: Jaxon, the hottest, sexiest, moodiest, broodiest, baddest vampire, is damn near irresistible for the reader – or at least for me. Damn, every time he was on the page I swear my heart skipped a beat against my better judgment!

On to the plot and story. Crave put some great new spins on some regular, tired-ass tropes that I was not expecting but that I am here for! And on top of that there were some twists in Crave that I didn’t see coming! So colour me impressed!

Also, there’s some amazing, and I mean AMAZING, foreshadowing going on all the way through the story and book. As soon as I finished it my mind flashed back to some things I’d read earlier and you should have seen my figurative mind light up with recognition! There’s been darker nights on the 4th of July! These moments are seamlessly woven into the story too and it’s going to make a re-read so much fun!

Another great thing is that Jaxon is hot. Like, damn boy, bite me already. Or at least bite Grace so I can live vicariously through her!

All of the characters, even the side characters, are set up so well and are developed in just the level of detail that you’d want. Some we know all sorts about and others are held back so that their mystery and intrigue remains intact. On top of all of that, they are placed within the high school setting realistically and even the banality of school is interwoven in the story realistically. Classes and things are actually acknowledged, so are things like truancy, so we get added realism and grounding despite paranormal characters. It really helps cement the characters more for the reader.

Plus, these relatable characters in relatable settings actually get real progression and decent character arcs!

Oh! Another thing I wanna mention: Jaxon is so sexy and brooding! Did I mention that? I did? Several times? Well…he warrants it. I hate to sound like a hormonal teenager but damnit did I feel like one reading Crave! Plus, all the sexual tension! OH MY GOD! The sexual tension is real! And the way we’re always left wanting a little bit more in the best way is absolute torture!

Ok, one final positive to add…I promise I won’t mention Jaxon again! Crave has one hell of an ending! OMG I can’t wait for the Crush, the sequel! I need it in my life!

There is probably WAY more that I could say about this book, but I’m trying to stay relatively coherent so I’m gonna leave it there.

Now look, don’t get me wrong – this is YA paranormal romance. It’s cliché and cheesy and a bit much at times. But (just like being bitten by a vampire…a sexy, sexy vampire…ok I’ll stop!) if you relax and let go you’ll have a much better time!

Crave is supposed to be FUN. Remember that. If you do you’ll have an amazing, sexy and fun time!

And I’m already craving (see what I did there) the sequel!

Need. Need, need, need!


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