A pretty solid debut – Little Creeping Things Review

I had some problems with this book, but I also found it quite enjoyable for a few reasons.

So Little Creeping Things definitely had a solid premise. But I feel like it fell flat on the twists and turns that I think it thinks it had. Instead I found that the novel was full of teenage angst that even I couldn’t handle.

Our main character, Cassidy, suffered a horrible accident when she was younger that resulted in the death of her cousin. Since then she has been bullied relentlessly at school by pretty much everyone except her best friend Gideon. It also doesn’t help that she doesn’t really remember the incident. Her most aggressive tormentor, Melody, is the queen-bee it-girl and a total bitch, so no one stands up to her. Cassidy hates her, naturally, and jokingly plans out how to kill her in a private journal. Only problem is, one day Melody goes missing (and we all know she ain’t coming back alive), and Cassidy basically shits bricks with fear and tries to figure out what happened to her.

Only problem is, her journal is missing along with Melody. So therein lays the plot – Can Cassidy find out who is responsible? Or will her own unreliability and mental obstacles get in her way? Will she do the right thing, or is she too scared of being framed or seen as an accomplice to help aid the police?

Ok, so like I said, the novel has a pretty good premise – the problem is in the characters. Let me start with Cassidy herself.

I didn’t like her. At all. And I know I’m not the easiest to please, but she really isn’t the most likable lead I’ve ever come across. I found her to be quite selfish, despite her self-barrage of guilt bombs throughout the entire book. She is also really dumb. Or impulsive, or a mix of both. She leaps from conclusion to conclusion with sod all evidence and it’s only ever at other people’s disadvantage. Plus she drags poor Gideon (who is one of only 2 good characters) around with this and potentially damaging his reputation too. Until he eventually (thankfully) gets fed up with her shit.

Now don’t get me wrong, I get the need for flawed characters, and I usually love them – but they have to be done right. Unfortunately Cassidy isn’t that. Although the actual writing of Cassidy’s inner thoughts and actions is really good, I just couldn’t handle Cassidy herself. It’s just frustrating to read because she’s constantly getting stuck on shit that isn’t important, or acting on things that really don’t require her attention rather than acting like a genuine or believable human being. Her obsessions just got so boring and eye-roll inducing by about a third in – and it didn’t exactly slowdown from there. My annoyance at her actions (or inactions) took away from me enjoying the book more.

I could probably forgive this a little easier if the other characters were fleshed out, but they were quite two-dimensional. We got so little on their motivations, thoughts and actions and it was a little bit of a bummer. I’d have love to have learnt more about Gideon and even Cassidy’s brother other than just ‘best friend’ and ‘protective brother’ respectively.

Let me also say that I figured out the killer damn near immediately. And let me tell you I was disappointed for 2 reasons: 1 – I figured it out so early, and 2: how cliché.

But let me talk about some good things, cos I’ve spent a lot of time dragging the book.

Little Creeping Things is an intriguing read if you can get passed/like the characters. The pacing is actually pretty steady and the chapters were snappy and did make you wanna continue reading. It was also an easy read – yes it had some heavy subject matter, but it’s written very well and it really does make for a relaxing read.

I know that might sound barbaric because of the content, but what I mean is that Little Creeping Things doesn’t require a lot of brain power or focus to get through. That’s not an insult, so please don’t take it like that!

Little Creeping Things was an entertaining read, and I’m happy I’ve read it.

I think the author has a lot of potential, and I highly look forward to whatever is coming next!


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