A Novel Love has changed to Dark Heart Books

Surprise! Ok, honestly this probably isn’t that much of a surprise to those of you who follow me on Instagram! But for those of you who might not know, or haven’t noticed my activity on my socials, I have decided to rebrand A Novel Love to Dark Heart Books.

Don’t worry – pretty much everything is going to stay the same (and hopefully get better!) and my blog is still going to be full of bookish goodness! I’m pretty much just changing my name and aesthetic. Let me explain a bit more into the why’s and what’s!

So why did I decide to rebrand – several reasons, but here are the two main ones!

Reason 1 – Some of you may know that I make magnetic bookmarks. I’m still doing this, but I felt like having everything under one ‘brand’ or name was getting confusing. YouTube, book reviews, Instagram, an Etsy store…it was all so muddled. So I’ve decided to separate the two, My bookmarks are still under A Novel Love and my bookish stuff – YouTube, this site, Twitter and Instagram are all going to be Dark Heart Books.

Reason 2 – The A Novel Love brand and colours just weren’t…me. When I first started out in the bookish world I was so excited to just get started that I didn’t really think much about the name and colours and what they could connote, or what they’d mean to me. I picked a bookish name and let a designer pick my colours when they did my logo.

But since I’ve discovered that I really enjoy being here in the bookish world, I’d like something that reflects me as a person a little bit more. Hence Dark Heart Books. I’m a darker person in real life when it comes to all sorts of things; my personal aesthetic, my humour, my world view (kinda, sorta), my personality. So Dark Heart Books felt more me and since I’ve trialled it over on my Instagram I’ve found that I’ve been so much happier.

There are also a few other minor reasons for the change that just solidified my own decision. Things like being told my colour scheme and name made a couple of people think that my blog was romance or contemporary focused, when in fact I’m much more fantasy focussed. So that’s a fair one.

But when all is said and done, it’s still me – just a darker, happier one. You’ll still get the content you enjoy from me, just with different packaging now!

I just wanted to explain the change, as it might be sudden for some people!

For those of you who read my content, thank you. Truly. I see a lot of usernames regularly in my notifications and it means SO much. I see you. Thank you.

So, that’s it from me for now. Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming!



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