Mid Year Freakout Book Tag!

I’m not the biggest partaker in tags – I’m working on fixing this though, because they are a lot of fun! But I couldn’t really let this one pass me by! We’re halfway through the year (finally, honestly 2020 can go do one!) so it’s time for the Mid Year Freak Out tag!

I’ve also done a video for this if you’d rather watch it! My post is going to be swift and efficient (for once!) so feel free to have a quick scroll if that’s more your thing!

So there are 13 tags/prompts in this challenge, so let’s get right on to them!

Best book you’ve read so far in 2020
I’m gonna cheat here, I’m having 3 categories. Shhhh, my site, my rules. I think ‘best’ is too broad of a category. So I’m splitting it into 3 – ‘Best’ in terms of most pleasantly surprising, ‘Best’ in terms of most important for this year and finally ‘Best’ for most anticipated and living up to the hype. So here we go: Crave gets most surprising – I FUCKING LOVED THIS BOOK, Parachutes is quite possibly one of the most important books from this year and The Crow Rider 100% lived up to its own hype, and that’s impressive because it’s a sequel!

Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2020
I mean, I kinda just mentioned this above, so you won’t be surprised here, but The Crow Rider gets this honour. Although honestly I very nearly gave this to Cloak of Night because that was another 5 star sequel! Both are duologies too, I highly recommend both of them.

New release you haven’t read yet but want to
Girl, Serpent, Thorn is at the top of the list here! It’s been on my most anticipated list for a while! And I’ll be reading this one for my readathon in August!

Most anticipated release for second half of the year
Lightbringer OMG I need the final instalment of the Empirium trilogy like…now! Both Furyborn and Kingsbane were five star reads for me and I highly expect Lightbringer to be the same!

Biggest dissapointment
I mean…LOL! Do I really need to go into this one? It’s obviously The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. I don’t have the energy to say why, but if you know – you know! If you don’t, here’s my review and here’s my video review where I go off on it for 20 minutes!

Biggest surprise
Crave – OMG THIS BOOK! Holy crap this was an AMAZING surprise. I thought I’d like it, I did. What I didn’t expect was to LOVE it – especially not as much as I did! I’ve let it consume my whole soul and I’m not even mad!

Favourite new author (debut or new to you)
Kaylyn Josephson. Hands down. She’s new to me and debuted in 2019 and had a release in 2020 so I’m 100% counting her. She wrote The Storm Crow and The Crow Rider and I AM HERE FOR HER! She is 100% an autobuy author for me!

Newest fictional crush
My bisexual ass is choosing both a girl and a guy so deal with it. You can’t make me choose! For my female crush I’m choosing Thia from The Crow Rider and The Storm Crow. Not only is she physically attractive to me, her personality is a HUGE ‘yes please’ for me. I admire her so much. For my guy crush…it can’t be anyone other than Jaxon Vega from Crave. He’s a vampire, tall, dark, mysterious and sexy AF as well as wearing all black? Girl, I’m SOLD!

Newest favourite character
This is another tie (don’t @ me) and I’m choosing Thia for obvious reasons but I’m also choosing Max from The Music of What Happens. He is the BIGGEST sweetheart, he had a heart of gold, he’s kind, caring (and good looking) and has a great sense of humour! Winner, winner chicken (from a food truck) dinner!

Books that made you cry
Ok – I’m not a crier. I’m just not, not from books anyway. No book in 2020 has made me cry, but three have come close. Cracked Up To Be had me nearly crying from hopelessness (in a good way), Parachutes nearly had me angry-injustice crying and The Music of What Happens almost broke my heart a la The Both Die at the End. Almost.

Books that made you happy
I know I just mentioned The Music of What Happens for nearly making me cry, but it also made me happy in so many ways! Also, I have to admit that Red, White and Royal Blue had me cheesing all the way through too!

Most beautiful book you’ve bought or received so far this year
Oh that’s easy! The Court of Miracles. Easily. When you combine that excellent illustrative cover with foil, sprayed edges and a heavily embossed gold foiled naked book you’ve got a winner!

What books do you need to read by the end of the year
Fucking all of them!
LOL! I mean, who among us hasn’t got a TBR as tall as they are? But I guess if I had to pick three that I could realistically do by the end of 2020 I’d pick Girl, Serpent Thorn, Serpent and Dove and My Dark Vanessa.

And there we have it! Those are my picks for the Mid Year Freak Out tag! What would you have picked?

Let’s see how long it is before I take part in another popular tag!


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