Bitesize Reviews- Vol. 12

Hooray! It’s mini-review time again…ahem…BITESIZE reviews! So, you’re used to this by now, but just in case, here are 4 quick reviews of some of my recent reads that won’t receive their own full review.

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Ok, let’s get into this!


Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers 4.7/5
Urgh. URGH! This was amazing. I have SO many feels! This is yet another one where Courtney Summers knocks it out of the park. I feel like I’m gonna gush all over the place.

Every single character felt real to me and this whole story is raw and visceral and a realistic portrayal of the complex emotions and struggles of the teenage mind.

I felt so emotionally connected to both the story, the characters and I guess the meaning behind it all, without trying to sound all wanky and pretentious.

No one writes pain like Courtney Summers. And not just any pain, the pain that we’re all taught to push down, the pain that keeps you awake and night and plays with your mind. The pain that demands to be felt.

Every time I think of this book my heart hurts. It might be because, for better or worse, I recognise my teen self in Parker. Some of the things she said, thoughts she had and actions she took were so hauntingly accurate to how I was in my teen years. And that’s both frightening and reaffirming all at once.

I also created a fan Spotify playlist for this book! Check it out above!

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Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston 4.7/5
Yeah, yeah, alright. You lot win. I enjoyed this. I REALLY enjoyed it!

I found this book SO endearing! It’s not my usual type of read but I have to admit: so much about this book was just…so right. The plot was a little A-B, not gonna lie. Really wasn’t the most ground-breaking thing I’ve ever read and it was predicable in the way where you want it to be because you want it all to be ok in the end for these characters.

And that’s because the characters were so likeable and so cute! I love how we got their public persona and their ‘real’ personas via the emails and texts. I know there were supporting characters, but let’s be fair, the main focus is Alex and Henry.
I thought the story was just so beautiful and I can’t help but smile thinking about it. The message was so empowering too.

It’s not the type of book I read all the time, and as much as I enjoyed it I won’t be rushing out to read whatever comes next from the author, but damnit – against my initial thoughts I really, really enjoyed this book. I really enjoyed the writing style too, it’s super easy to read.

Although I had some issues with how much the author had her characters lean on existing content – we had Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Star Wars and seeing that sort of thing is a REAL turn off for me. But I’m happy to see a sex positive, cute and just… happy book. And ultimately this book made me happy. I’m here for it and I’m living for it. Plus, that bi-rep is amazing. As a bi girl I really appreciate some hard-core bi rep taking front and centre!

The jury is still out with me as to whether this is YA or NA – I know the author is adamant that it’s NA, but me personally – I’m not convinced. The presence of sex doesn’t automatically make a book NA to me, and there were a lot of YA tropes present. For me, I’d put this on the very edge of YA, just peeking it’s head over the fence into NA-land, but I’d still put it in YA. But that’s just me,
Ultimately, it’s really not that important to me. What is important is how important the book itself actually is – its story and message of love and acceptance. Loved it.

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The Deck of Omens by Christine Lynn Herman 3.2/5
Meh. About the same as The Devouring Gray (book 1 in the series) for me. It wasn’t particularly bad, but it wasn’t particularly good either.

I got lost with all the characters – they all kinda blended into each other and I lost track after a while, and honestly I found myself not caring anymore.

The story was alright, and ya’ll know I’m all about that witchy shit – so I should have loved this. But this just seemed a little lack lustre. There’s a pretty good twist in it –but honestly if you’re paying attention you’ll see it coming.

As always, Isaac is a damn delight and the best thing in this book, and the whole series.

Not annoyed I read it, but glad I didn’t buy it.

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You Should See Me In A Crown by Leah Johnson 4.2/5
I began seeing this book all over Instagram and all the reviews were overwhelmingly positive, so I knew I had to check it out asap! I managed to get this on audio and I’m so glad that I did! The audio book was amazing!

This was such as cute read! Liz was such an endearing character and I absolutely loved being around her and her friendship groups! The representation felt real, and the story dealt with some hard hitting topics, but it was done in a lighter way that never felt like it was making light of them.

Instead it acknowledged them and exposed the reader to them, but didn’t dwell as this book wasn’t exactly about the heavier side of it all.

Not quite 5 stars for me, because the plot was super predictable, SUPER predictable, but it was supposed to be fun, and it was!

And that’s it for Volume 12! It’s quite a strong batch this time! And mixed in the genres! Fantasy, contemporary, romance…check me out broadening my horizons! Be sure to come back when Volume 13 is ready!


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