Bitesize Reviews – Vol. 13

Once again it’s time for some mini-reviews…bitesize reviews if you will. If you’ve been around for a while you know how this works, but if you’re new here (hello!) this is how it works: Here you’ll find 4 quick reviews of some of my recent reads that won’t receive their own full review.

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Ok, let’s get into this!

1:35AM (Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights #3)

1:35 AM – Scott Cawthon 4.7/5
Well… that escalated quickly, didn’t it?! The FNAF books have always been advertised as ‘not for younger readers’ and honestly…who are they kidding? They weren’t particularly unnerving – no more than the Goosebumps ones were. But 1:35am ramps that up and honestly, some of the actual horrors of the stories were intense and definitely had my eyes going wide in a ‘WTF’ way! But that’s a GREAT thing!

So 1:35am is the third instalment of the Fazbear Frights collection of short stories – each book has three short stories and I’ve enjoyed the past instalments but this one kicked it up a notch!
The first story was easily the scariest in terms of actual horror. It’s a slow burn and honestly, it’s just so fucking tragic!

But the best bit about this collection – OMG the callbacks to the original games! I love the interwoven webs between these stories, the original books, the games, omg trying to figure it all out is sweet agony! But being able to recognise the throwbacks or links was amazing throughout these stories – hence the 5 stars! People who aren’t previous fans of the franchise can still enjoy these stories, but fans will absolutely get the most out of these!

Heartstopper Volume One

Heartstopper Vol. 1 – Alice Oseman 3.7/5
This graphic novel is equal parts adorable, sweet, cute and important.

I love the representation in this graphic novel and I’m so glad that I’ve read it. I recognised some of the struggles in self-discovery that were depicted throughout the story.

The characters were just so, so endearing. I couldn’t help but fall so in love with both of them! I’m invested in their story and I really look forward to volume 2 and continuing the journey!
Here are some reasons why I dropped a star and a bit:

This was a really quick read for me and I wish it was a little bit longer, I feel like there wasn’t enough substance for the length of the book.

I wasn’t a fan of the artwork. This is no way intended to be shady because it’s a personal preference. I look for something a little more in-depth in my graphic novels, and I prefer colour. But the art style works for the story. It’s just not really for me and was a little disappointing to see black and white when the cover is so beautiful.

The Dark In-Between

The Dark In Between – Elizabeth Hrib 3/5
I enjoyed this novel, but certain aspects of it made it a solid 3 star. I originally went into this thinking that it might be a four star review, but unfortunately the second half of the book kinda…dropped the ball with a lot of things.
+ Angels and humans storyline, it was a different kind of paranormal! I liked it
+ Evan was amazing, I loved his dialogue
+ The opening half was great
+ The medical accuracy with drowning and CPR

-Fallen angel redemption arc is a little bit tired.
-The second half got a bit irritating with the characters
-I didn’t like Liddy (and I think I was supposed to)
-The writing got a little repetitive at times
-The big bad guy had no presence and wasn’t intimidating/threatening.

The Dark In Between was a quick read, and I’d recommend it for the younger end of the YA spectrum, but it might not be satisfying for older or more seasoned readers.


Skyward, Vol. 1: My Low-G Life – Joe Henderson 4/5
This was such a great first volume to a story that I hope gets more complex as it goes.

I loved the art style in this graphic novel. Obviously, the lack of gravity is going to provide for some amazing art work opportunities, for example – the hair of the main character always looking like she’s underwater. But the colours and the line art throughout Skyward is honestly one of the best things about this graphic novel, and it makes me overlook some of the lack of story.
I just don’t care – I love the art style that much!

I’m also here for the rep. We have a black female MC, plus-size rep in the supporting characters and an amputee love interest.

The downside is that the story is very much ‘we’ve seen this before’ – not the zero-G thing, that’s kinda cool. I’m on about ‘bad guy wants control, but only one person can stop them’ kinda thing. It’s a little lacklustre, but it’s forgivable.

And that’s yet another round of bitesize reviews done! I hope you enjoy these tiny bites of bookish reviews and come back for more.


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