3 Duologies Worth Your Time

Duologies, in my humble opinion, are the superior series length and format. Don’t @ me all you trilogy lovers! I’m not shading trilogies (or any other length of story!) In fact I enjoy a good (keyword = good) trilogy as much as the next reader. I just find that duologies offer their readers the perfect mix of in-depth exploration of stories and characters crossed with time spent investing in the world and reading time.

So I’ve put together a list of three of my favourite duologies that are totally worth your time!

But before I get onto my top 3 duologies and what they’re about, let me talk a little bit more on the greatness of the duology format!

I find duologies to be the perfect satisfying length to a story. As much as many of us wish that our favourite stories would never end, there’s something bittersweet about having a series be short, sharp and to the point. That also brings me on to my next point: in series, you tend to find there’s a fair bit of waffling going on – otherwise known as page padding. And I’ve got no time for that!

The good news is that duologies don’t have the page count to accommodate the wishy-washyness of all that jazz! You won’t find unnecessary lengthy descriptions of anything in a duology!

Anyway, here are three of my favourite duologies (so far)! They’re in order of my favourite at the top down to my third place!

The Storm Crow/The Crow Rider
By Kalyn Josephson

This duology is one of my favourite series of all time, nevermind favourite duology! I absolutely adored this series. I fell in love with the characters, the plot, the writing – all of it.

The general gist of the story is: In the kingdom of Rhodaire, Princess Anthia (aka Thia) is our MC and she witnesses the invasion of the Illucian empire and the destruction and slaughter of all of the magical elemental crows of Rhodaire, along with all of the eggs. Her sister Caliza, now ruler of Rhodaire, ends up forced to promise her sister’s hand in marriage to Ericen, the Prince of Illucia. Meanwhile, Thia finds a single surviving crow egg in the rookery and the sisters devise a dangerous plan to not only secretly hatch the egg, but to take back what was taken from them.

That’s pretty much the gist of book one, and it flows into book two, but I can’t tell you too much about that without giving spoilers. So I won’t.

But let me just say that this series blew me away. Thia and Ericen are two of my favourite characters ever, especially Thia. This series is perfect for fans of the enemies to lovers trope, fantasy, adventure, thrilling magical creatures and new worlds!

Circle of Shadows/Cloak of Night
By Evelyn Skye

This was a series that I slept on – and honestly, shame on me, because it’s fantastic. The edition I have of Circle of Shadows is a Fairyloot edition that I got in a trade, and then I let it sit on my shelf for far too long. When I eventually picked it up I was so ready to immerse myself in the sequel…which wasn’t due out for a few months! Agony!

This series is all about a society of assassins within a magical empire and a whole world filled to the brim with secrets! We follow Sora, our MC and Daemon, her gemina bond, in an adventure full of secrets, spies and a fight to save their kingdom. Sora and Daemon are apprentice warriors of the Society of Taigas – people marked by the gods to be trained in magic and fighting for the protection of their kingdom. One day Sora finds a suspicious group of mysterious soldiers during a scouting mission. She infiltrates the group and what she uncovers could very well tear her kingdom apart.

Again, that’s pretty much book one because I don’t dare spoil anything for book two – Cloak of Night – but let me just say this: Circle of Shadows was a 4.5 star read for me, Cloak of Night was a 5 star!

Perfect for fans of hidden motives tropes, fighting fantasy, kingdoms in peril, magic and gods as well as some amazing friendships.

The Cerulean/The Alcazar
By Amy Ewing

Ok let me get the superficial and shallow thing out of the way – these covers are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Not only in artwork, but the dust jackets have a pearlescent shimmer! I still need to buy the second book in hardback! Ok, on to actual reasons to read this series!

The Cerulean was a book I wasn’t sure about because I’d seen some pretty strong opinions on Goodreads saying that it was problematic in areas. Ever the person to make my own mind up, I gave it a read and I found that some of the ‘problems areas’ were clutching at straws. However, I’m well aware that we all read the same books differently. I personally loved this duology and found the story to be unique and intriguing.

The story focuses on Sera, a member of the Cerulean – a non-human, all-female race. She and her people live in the City Above the Sky which is magically tethered to the planet below it. Every now and then, the City needs to move on to a new ‘host’ for lack of a better word, and the tether must be cut. This requires sacrifice – a sacrifice of magical Cerulean blood. When Sera is called upon by the High Priestess to sever the connection she must throw herself off the edge of the City in the Sky and end her own life. Only, when she does, something goes wrong – she survives. The story follows Sera on earth, navigating the dangers of humanity in the fictional place of Kaolin, whilst back above Leela, Sera’s best friend, realises that not all is as it seems in paradise.

This twisty-turny series is perfect for fans of female-centred stories, other species, new worlds, trickery and deceit and an underdog story set on subverting prejudices.

And those are my top 3 duolgies that are worth your time! Have you read any of them? What did you think? Let me know down below!


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  1. Pink Roses says:

    Hello Dark Heart Books. I won’t read these books but I was interested in your thoughts on series and the padding thereof. I hate padding too, and can see it straight away. I’m about to begin the second volume of A Song of Ice and Fire because I loved the first one so much but I’m a little bit worried in case it isn’t so good – and there’s so many more of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Padding really is the worst! I hope you enjoy the Song of Ice and Fire series. I didn’t like them much myself but I know they are popular.


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