July’s Haul & Reading Wrap-up!

Another month has been and gone and that means there’s a reading wrap-up and haul rundown to do!

I decided to do my haul a little bit differently this month – I found that I had acquired a lot of grpahic novels in July (yay!) so my haul only focuses on them!

As for reading – I managed to read 18 books this month! I’ve no idea how I managed it – but I did!

So my haul was quite an interesting one – at least for me – I’ve never managed to a acquire that many graphic novels in one go in all my years! But hey, I’m not complaining! Ever since I discovered Comixology my ability to read more graphic novels has gone through the roof! My haul was for both digital and print graphic novels!

As for the reading wrap up – phew! 18 books! That was managed by a mix of graphic novels, audiobooks and print books!

But I managed to pop them all in a video in under 18 minutes!

So that was my July! How was yours? Let me know in the comments below!


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