Bitesize Reviews – Vol. 14

It’s bitesize review time again! As usual, here you’ll find 4 quick reviews of some of my recent reads that won’t receive their own full review.

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Ok, let’s go!

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Dark Shores – Danielle L. Jensen 4.9/5

This looks like some swashbuckling pirate adventure from the cover and it’s not. IT’S SO MUCH MORE!

In fact, there’s ZERO piracy in this book. There’s a group of people on the sea for a short while. That’s it. Instead, there’s an INCREDIBLE story of political intrigue and war and self-discovery, acceptance, love, fear, adventure.

I can’t do this book justice enough. I was absolutely blown away and I will be 100% jumping straight into the second book!

The characters are rich, complicated and incredibly detailed. They feel so real and fully fleshed out. They are gritty, imperfect and fallible. I LOVE Marcus and Teriana. Plus the supporting characters are outstanding and compliment the MC’s amazingly.

The world-building is outstanding – as nothing is ‘real world’ so to have an author flawlessly give us a brand new world that never feels confusing is SO rare and SO welcome!

The plot has twists and turns that’ll keep you guessing all the way and there’ll be times when you get angry tears in your eyes as well as cheering out loud!


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Sunstone Vol. 2 – Stjepan Šejić 4.9/5
Everything I loved about Volume 1 and more!

As I said before: Sunstone is a F/F romance that features a light BDSM (but a lot of it) and nudity. So if you can’t appreciate naked humans, women’s bodies, in this case, BDSM, or sexual exploration, maybe give this a miss. But if your open-minded or curious, this could be the graphic novel for you!
There’s less sex in this volume, I mean – it’s there, but in a different kind of way. I don’t wanna spoil anything.

I’m really grateful that this volume explored the safety aspect of BDSM in depth. It’s such an important aspect that often gets overlooked. That’s the difference between other erotica and Sunstone – Sunstone humanises the characters and educates the reader. There’s no shame in it, it’s not just for sexual gratification (both IRL and the actual graphic novel) and I’m here for it.

I also really appreciated the ‘hidden’ aspect – what I mean is that this volume explores how some of the characters felt alone or ashamed at the beginning of their BDSM lives, and it explored ways to ‘come out’ I guess, and admitting your sexual desires and how that can lead to happiness.

Also, it normalises periods. HURRAR! I’m LIVING for this series. SERIOUSLY!

As always, the art is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and I can’t get enough of it!


Where We Go From Here – Lucas Rocha 3.7/5
This was a really endearing book. I was fully absorbed in the characters throughout the entirety of the novel and I cared about what would happen to them

HIV is still very much a taboo subject and books like this are so important in helping us to be more open and spread more information about HIV and those living with it. Just like with Full Disclosure, I’m really happy and excited to see more positive representation for HIV as well as safe sex and sex-positivity.

I dropped a star and a bit because, whilst I really did enjoy the book and I think it’s important sometimes I got a little confused between the characters – despite being invested. So there were times where I got a little fuzzed, especially as this was an audiobook listen for me.

But I recommend this book!

The Subtweet – Vivek Shraya DNF
DNF. I don’t know if I’m burnt out from Karmageddon that’s currently going on, or just over the whole ‘social media runs my life’ trope, or if I just couldn’t connect to the characters.

It’s probably all three to be honest.

I really tried to like this – I really did guys. But I found the characters (I can’t tell you which because they both kinda merged together) to be a bit too pretentious for my tastes. The whole ‘I look at my own tweets for inspiration for my songwriting cos I’m so deep and a genius” – I’m paraphrasing, but only just, and that turned me right off. That was the final nail in the coffin that made me not want to continue with the characters.

I really did try, but I think I’m just burnt out on the whole concept of social media etc. Which is a shame because the writing was pretty good and I’ll check out the author in the future, but these characters…I just couldn’t.

And there you have it! Yet another round of bitesize reviews done! I hope you enjoyed!


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