12 Thoughts I Had Whilst Reading Anya’s Ghost

Anya’s Ghost is a graphic novel from artist and writer Vera Brosgol (in fact this is her first book!) and is published by First Second.

Anya Borzatovskaya is part of a Russian immigrant family to America who has self-confidence and body issues as well as trouble fitting in at school. Ideally, she needs a new friend. She didn’t expect to find one down a well. Yep, you read that correctly – Anya accidentally falls down a well and she finds a friend. Only thing is – this new friend is dead and has been dead for 90 years!

But as Emily and Anya grow closer, Anya starts to realise that something isn’t quite right with Emily, and perhaps a new friend is going to be more trouble than it’s worth.

I really enjoyed Anya’s Ghost – I gave it 4 stars over on Goodreads (well, 4.2 if you wanna get specific). But whilst I usually have thoughts whilst reading my current read – whatever it may be – I very rarely feel like I want to journal them. But Anya’s Ghost was different. As soon as I started it I knew I wanted to do a ‘thoughts I had whilst reading’ post and…here we are!

So, here are 12 thoughts I had whilst reading Anya’s Ghost. Bear in mind: these thoughts range from the beginning to end, and there may be important plot points featured/discussed! So a SPOILER WARNING is in effect from here on out. If you’d like to read my spoiler-free review of Anya’s Ghost you can do that here. But if you’re ok with spoilers, keep on scrolling!

Also, these are candid thoughts written down as I had them – so there’s lots of swearing!

Thought 1 – page 2

Da FUQ is that word?! I mean, I know a little Russian and I know the alphabet pretty well and enough to know that the language is phonetic. So I know this word is pronounced ‘ss-ear-ni-key’ but I’ve got hee-haw idea of what it is/means.

Anya's Ghost Vera Brosgol

NOTE: A quick Google search shows that they are quark pancakes. I think I’m going to try them one day!


Lol. THAT face says ‘trapped at the bottom of a well…might as well smoke too’ if I’ve ever seen a face say anything like that before! And honestly, I’d be the same! I haven’t smoked since I was a teenager, but Anya’s a teenager, so I guess I’d be the same!

Anya's Ghost Vera Brosgol

Jesus Christ that got dark quick! That’s a fucking rough and bleak way to go! This actually made my eyes go wide!

Anya's Ghost Vera Brosgol

Fucking MOOD. Lol! What an absolute dickhead.

Anya's Ghost Vera Brosgol

Eeeeerrrrrm…Girlie? You spent only 2 days in that well, with someone to talk to, with no broken bones, with food and cigarettes and you HATED it. She spent 90 years there and she just got back out and now you’re gonna throw her back in there? What?! Girlie what’s wrong with you? That’s damn cold.

Anya's Ghost Vera Brosgol

OMG I can still remember the smug fucks who finished first! Although this character does not come across like a dick here, just a brown-nosed teacher’s pet with sweet intentions. But damn if those looks from the rest of the class aren’t a whole ass mood and exactly the kind of looks me and my friends used to give!

Anya's Ghost Vera Brosgol

OMG the fucking bleep test! The bane of PE classes everywhere! Whilst this gave me flashbacks, it makes me feel better knowing that it wasn’t just us Brits who were subjected to this very creative form of torture, but it made it across the pond too! I feel united in my past suffering. I don’t think I’ve ever been brought back to a specific memory whilst reading quite as effectively as this…ever!

Anya's Ghost Vera Brosgol

OMG this! I’ve done this! As well as so many things similar to it on so many occasions! I wish I could still get away with it now that I’m a grown-ass adult! This graphic novel is so relatable!

Anya's Ghost Vera Brosgol

Well…yeah…what did you think was going to happen?
I hate to sound a little cold-hearted, but if you put your…assets…on display – especially if it’s out of character for you – people are going to notice, and likely comment. Now, there is a difference between a comment and sexual harassment. And obviously, harassment is wrong and unacceptable. But I just don’t understand why she’s so affronted by a simple and single comment in this particular instance. However, we’re all different and react differently in these sorts of situations.

Anya's Ghost Vera Brosgol

Oooooh… the plot thickens! Wasn’t so sure I saw that one coming!

Anya's Ghost Vera Brosgol

Oh damn! This bitch is fucking crazy! I 100% take back what I said earlier – put her back in the well!

Anya's Ghost Vera Brosgol

Ok…I get that the bitch is at rest now. But like….maaaaaaaaaaaaybe salt the earth? Scorch the bones? Fill the well with cement? All of the above, or at least one of them anyway? Juuuuuust in case – ya know?

Anya's Ghost Vera Brosgol

And that’s it! Those were 12 thoughts that I had whilst reading Anya’s Ghost! It’s a really fun graphic novel with some spooky elements and some great characters! Whilst this wasn’t a spoiler-free post, I hope you enjoyed it if you chose to read on or if you’ve read the graphic novel!


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